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  1. MMi intermittant sound

    Afternoon Steve Q...thanks fo advice...tried resetting several times but still does what it likes!!(works or not, as in previous post) Diagnostic = £60 Audi and need it all day!!! Might have to have singing lessons?? Steve
  2. Under tray!!

    Afternoon Steve Q, can u believe Audi markup!! Anyway I also got another topic going about mmi intermittant sound?? As yet no answers!! Cheers Steve
  3. Under tray!!

    Morning all, update on OFFSIDE AND NEARSIDE FRONT SECTIONS OF SIDE UNDER TRAYS. Well done TPS! They were the correct parts and what a price!! 10 mins tops to fit both too. pic 1 labels for each side piece. pic 2 back of r/h/s under tray side pic 3 front of same piece pic 4 receipt for both sides Hope this helps Regards Steve
  4. Morning all. Starting with a problem on my MMI......1st start in a morning(parked overnight outside house 12hrs) I get radio/hands free everything! All sound as normal ,then when coming home after finishing work(stood in car park for 11hrs) unit pops up on dashboard but nothing!!! No radio/hands free nothing..very perplexing! Anyone?? Regards Steve
  5. Under tray!!

    Hi Steve Q. Phoned TPS and if correct parts will collect sat morning and pay £8.88 inc vat!!! For both sides! Will let ya know part no etc . Steve
  6. Overpriced service quote from Audi

    Afternoon rileybear..nice and cheap! I had major service done as couldnt verify service record on the car so started afresh with/for me!! Got free brake fluid change thrown in though! Steve
  7. Under tray!!

    Steve Q..many thanks for effort! Will fone Audi, to get a part no might be best idea? Steve
  8. Saying 'Hello'!

    Hello nice car! Mines 3dr too! Steve
  9. Overpriced service quote from Audi

    Major service Sheffield Audi=£341 All filters+oil!! Steve
  10. Under tray!!

    Good afternoon all. Major service at Audi....Pete told me I am missing OFFSIDE AND NEARSIDE FRONT SECTIONS OF SIDE UNDER TRAYS. Can anyone give me a part number for both sides please. Audi = £125! (both) Many thanks regards Steve
  11. Newbie....

    Thanks Steve Q Will look into that l8r. Steve
  12. Newbie....

    Thanks Paul A6 Browsed the forum rules when signed up! Steve
  13. Newbie....

    Afternoon all.Just joined(coupla mths), had a look round,all seems in order!! Lol! Can anyone tell me how to change profile pic pls? Cheers