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  1. mither

    Front brakes!!

    Afternoon Magnet, dealer price wrong!!!!??? Dunno what I was thinking! £465 supply n fit! Looks more like a dealer price eh? Anyway, mot Oct so just looking into them at minute dont want a failure. Think it might be TPS and diy job. Seems my front discs are 288mm (not 312mm 184bhp +quattro)Are they hard to do? Anything different on Audi I need to know?? (done front discs b4 on XR3i) Special tools etc! Any "how to's??" . I am not a muppet but this is 1st Audi. Any help/advice welcome Regards Steve
  2. mither

    Front brakes!!

    Afternoon Magnet...sorry for late reply. Thanks for your advice. Just normal track days!! Audi quoted £285 supply n fit! TPS want £180.50 inc vat! Wouldnt give me part no..booh!! Do you know part no ?. Size? Recomendations?? Regards Steve
  3. mither

    Front brakes!!

    Hello all, any ideas on best front discs and pads for A3 2.0TDi 150bhp 2014 sline 3dr Cheers thanks Steve
  4. mither

    Sounds issues A3 2.0 S line

    Hi Tom,yep unfortunatly it just gets worse. Have u tried reset MMi ?? (Handbook) Trying to sort with dealer who I bought it off so cant say too much. When sorted will comment again. Good luck Tom Regards Steve
  5. mither

    Noisey wheel bearing

    Hello Steve and Magnet..sorry for delay. New Khumo x2 on front (dealer who I bought car off) New Bridgestones on rear. So all 4 replaced from original Michelins..mileage 54000 now. Still got noise!!!??? Thought wheel bearing as doesnt speed up slow down when revving engine.... Any help gratfully recd Regards Steve
  6. mither

    Sounds issues A3 2.0 S line

    Hello Tom, exactly same for me! But mine has no sound output......sometimes....then works fine!!! Really annoying. Diagnosed by Audi (fixed £60)as intermittent sound output failure on 5F unit. £2800 to replace and program Regards Steve
  7. mither

    Noisey wheel bearing

    Evening all. Think I got a bad bearing trying to figure out which 1 !? Are they hard to do/price? Anyone done 1 on here?? How to?? Cheers thanks
  8. mither

    Faulty MIB MM i unit

    Morning all. Audi A3 2.0TDi sline 2014 Been diagnosed by Audi need new MM i unit.....£2600.50 inc vat. OUCH!!!!! Trying to sort with people I bought car off,see if they gunna pay, but not holding out much hope!!! Audi say "goodwill gesture" don't apply in this case as not bought from them. Anybody had anything similar concerning MM i system??? Outcome???? Regards Steve
  9. mither

    Sweeping indicators on 2017 S3

    Morning all. How do I add sweeping indicators to rear of A3 sline pls?? Got led lights Thanks
  10. mither

    Sweeping indicators on 2017 S3

    Morning all. I have led lights (f and r), is there anyway to add sweeping indicators through ecu! Reprogram yeah? Thanks
  11. mither

    A3 handbook

    Morning Steve Q....finally got handbook from where i bought the car from.(they promised so I kept asking!!) Regards Steve
  12. mither

    MMi main fuse

    Morning all. Just wondered if anyone knows which fuse to pull to "cold boot"mmi system! Not reset(tried already swveral times) need to reboot system. Thanks
  13. mither

    A3 handbook

    Cheers SteveQ will hava look. Thanks
  14. mither

    A3 handbook

    Afternoon all, just wondered if anyone got a handbook they dont want anymore for... A3 s-line 2.0TDi 2014 Cheers