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  1. Hi Steve, The thing is the car was spot on for the first 6 months and this only started around a month ago so there has to be a problem with the tank. The sloshing sound was confirmed by Audi in Hull as coming from the tank. I was told it sounded strange and is very audible so I thought it would be sorted out by now. The dealer only have one other car with the same spec as mine and that is an 18 plate and does it too. I just need to find more people with the same car spec and take it from there. It's taken the shine off the car really as it should not do this. It literally sounds like a bucket of water in the rear passenger door. I've never had a car do this before and for this money it is really not on. Thanks for your replies.
  2. Hi Steve, I only ever put £30 at a time in. The dealers are not going to do anything because they say it is characteristic of the car... The character developed only 4 weeks ago and is not normal in my opinion. Scotty.
  3. Hi, thanks for your replies! I have looked into this myself and the local dealer. I have a post here: forum post The car is totally dry as confirmed by myself and Audi and they narrowed it down to the fuel tank. This developed a month ago and was fine for the first 6 months since new. As the dealers car does it too (they only have one of the same model) it must be a fault with the petrol fuel tanks. Thank you, Scotty.
  4. Hi everyone, I am new on here and wonder how many members have the new 2017/2018 A5 Sportback 2.0 tfsi 7 speed s-tronic Quattro 252bhp? Great car but would be nice to know if anyone has any problems, such as sloshing liquid sounds? Pre sense locking up the brakes? Thank you, Scotty.
  5. Hi, I am new here and recently purchased a new Audi 2.0 tfsi 7 speed s-tronic 252bhp A5 Quattro. I received it in September 2017 with only 12 miles on the clock and the car was great. Around 4 weeks ago I started hearing a loud sloshing sound like the doors were full of water so I checked and they are all clear. I took it into the local Audi dealer in Hull and they told me all is dry and it is the fuel tank making the noise and that it is the fuel they could hear sloshing around very loudly. They only had one other model the same as mine that was out on a demo but once back they checked it and told me that it made the same noise from the fuel tank and it was characteristic of that model. Mine did not do this up until about 4 weeks ago so I am guessing that theirs is faulty too and that many more will be the same. The dealer is not prepared to look into this further so I am unsure what to do. If I had known a £42,000 Audi would make a noise like this I would not have even looked at it from the start. Any ideas, advice or does anyone else have the same problem? Thank you.