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  1. PeteB

    How was your day?

    Caz came home as I was beginning to wake up and go, we barely mumbled 'hello and goodbye'! I was in the car and trundling north before 6...I got to my dealer's in Bishop Auckland and after a lid of tea, we head out to Durham Council main yard. I was put on the spot right good! I thought that when they "wanted training", I was expecting the tree teams, but no, it was workshop staff! I had to rethink what they needed to know and quickly remodel my speel! Thankfully, they didn't ask too many questions that I had to blather my way through! Durham are hot on training as a tree chap got badly hurt some years ago in an awful accident and lost his arm! They have been loyal customers since 2004 and are due to buy two or three this year! I spent big chunks of the journey to and fro on the phone - somewhere close to 45 calls to folk up and down the country sorting various issues and perceived wrongs as well as organising some diary events going forward. A new machine had a brought in component failure and we diagnosed it over the phone, organized a replacement part to be delivered, organized a fitter to go following a short delay and still the customer is unhappy! Sometimes, you cannot help people and sometimes even when you do your best, it still isn't good enough! Tom here for supper, he tells me that he had an invite to a gaming event in Berlin soon! That stuff is beyond my perception of fun!
  2. PeteB

    How was your day?

    Caz home soon after 04:30 and telling me stories of the weird people on her shift! She gone again for another 16:30-04:30, so on my own again! She was with some people in a gate house last night and what a mixed up set of folk! One chap has three cars, which he cleans fastidiously, with more attention to them than he pays to his wife, another who was a councillor until his laptop was discovered to have an adult film left in the slot while he was at work and another who admits to being fixated with online gaming and he and his wife build empires online or are at work! And the last fellow confessed to have his wife pose like 'other models' around the house while he photographs her for his private collection......Makes my life seem very tame and lame! I had a chiro appointment and then a day of office work and sorting issues over the phone. I think that I must have been on the phone for over 4 hours today.....We also got a sales meeting next week so had to read the last minutes and start to write up my notes for this one as I will not have much desk time between now and then. We also do a company magazine for four times in a year and they wanted some stories from me for that. Our PR/Press people also want stories and pictures all the time and all of that starts to encroach on my Sales time. One of the other things that I started to give some thought and organisation too is this business of Key Accounts management - now mine, whereas we let a couple of our dealers have that before. I got a short list of ten firms that I need to get about, with perhaps four or five visits to each participating depot per year - that will spread me even thinner than I am now and mean that, potentially, I can be south of London, West of Exeter, Inverness and many points in between in a week! Cold Ham, chips and salad for tea, and promptly in bed as I have to be in Bishop Auckland for 09:00.
  3. PeteB

    How was your day?

    Pretty tough day here. Up at a reasonable time and done my expenses to start the day off! Why is it that I try to keep all the receipts but there always seem to be a few missing. Search high and low to no avail. Then, they turn up when I'm doing the next load! Bizarrely found a handful from last December that the office will be glad of! After a few frustrating calls about the week ahead, I go off to collect a demo unit from a customer, we had agreed last week that I'd collect it from his yard in Beeston, Nottingham. Frustratingly, despite him and his manager telling the de-veg unit to pull it off a Railway job at the weekend, they didn't and denied all knowledge! It was tentatively booked for another demo on Thursday and failing that, the factory wanted it as my colleague is showing some other people about machinery. Not only did they 'forget', but they aren't supposed to move machinery off site until Saturday night! 'Cat in't pidgeons Yoof!' The company then scattered about the countryside with six sites on the go - mainly night work, so I was left in limbo. As it transpires, the lad who wanted the demo has got some bother so that is off and I could do with some desk time to plan a rook of deliveries that I got earmarked for me to do and we have a sales meeting which needs some prep work! I hope Caz managed to catch a nap this aft, she is on the 12 hour night shift patch this week - 16:30-04:30. She will crawl into bed at 5:30 when I start to wake up! It seems that Tom's plans to pep up a Subaru engine on the cheap aren't going according to plan. The outfit who agreed to do it now quote a 10 week lead time and several others are too busy to do it themselves. I've suggested that he gets it cleaned and does it himself! Not rocket science, just care and attention with some elbow grease and a decent way of measuring stuff. He acquired some 'belting conrods and pistons out a mates racer', and would need new rings and barrels to suit but I see nowt wrong in having a go! It spun a rod shell at some point so inspection and new shells and away! It ain't an F1 car!!! Sausage n mash for tea, I'll do plenty so she can have them tomorrow without much bother! This week, we will only see each other for an hour a day. We will have the weekend together and she is off next week and will stay at hers so it will be lonely!
  4. PeteB

    How was your day?

    We came up to North Nottingham on saturday morning and after a quick stop at Wood Lane, we piled the kids in the car and went to view the new house. Sweet terrraced house wi=hich has recently been done up. Short walk along the canal to Retford town centre and the shops. Caz has visions of us going for a few drinks in town and walking home.Shame that the canal path seems to be the local dogs toilet - well, I presume that is dogs! I'm a dog lover but I dislike the attitude that dog muck is okay just left..... We all went out for a few drinks and a supper to celebrate the birthday of Caz's mum. We then got talked into going to another pub which had a band playing. We drank, a lot, and had a glass of wine when we got home. Caz is feeling very subdued and I feel tired. Got to be done every now and then though! Beef dinner tonight, Caz's Dad is away to help take down a stand at some shooting show in the NEC and one of the kids is not coming either so it will be a quite affair. Dog walk todat was good. Until he ran off to meet a short haired colly which has anxiety issues and wanted to fight! !Removed! animals....lovely weather for this time of year too.
  5. PeteB

    Season's Greetings.

    Happy New Year to you too! I try to give a daily update into the life of a machinery sales rep! Some full moments but the rest is full on and frantic at times!
  6. PeteB

    How was your day?

    Regrettably, another day of frustration and screw ups! Caz away on her 12 hour shift and she has now got a couple of days off, shame she is too knackered to do much! I set out early with a little chipper that I was told that was needed back at the factory. I got filming today and hopefully all goes well. But it didn't! The spot that we used last time was too bright, somewhere else was too dank and dark, another spot had been 'tidied up' with someone in a telehandler and they got it stuck! They wrecked the bonnet and damaged the engine in trying to get it out too! I borrow the local Estate Sawmill's key to a quite spot in the woods a couple of miles away and bingo! The job gets done in magic time! Right impressed! The camera man and I set off to grab lunch and get the next unit, only to find that it had been robbed for a couple of parts and 'our time' was binned! Sweet of them, they forget that when a salesman is doing filming, he isn't selling. So now I have to give up more time to do this necessary job that takes me away from sales..... I then get into a couple of conversations as to why this little chipper was needed and it transpires that my colleague is doing some sales training with a couple of his dealers and has booked every machine we have - despite that fact that they only need to see one going and then pour over new machines to understand the features and benefits of the range. Oddly, he has not booked a turntable machine! Anyhow, he will be disappointed as I got a demo booked in and that includes using the flagship model....I despair at his shenanigans - he thinks that we are blind but unfortunately, I think that I'll end up trying to have that 'career development' conversation soon. He is even trying to get this machine launch delayed as he admitted that he does the lambing nightshift of r a busy sheep farm on The Gower Peninsula, and they are due to lamb in May.
  7. PeteB

    How was your day?

    Perth to Alcester via Kinross is a trip! All at 60mph too! Towing best part of 3000kgs has a way of burning fuel too! Set out from Perth close to 9am after an hour of emails. Stopped at Kinross to buy more adblue and use the dealers jet wash. That chipper was embarrassing! Too dirty! I'll be having words with that customer! I stopped at the delightful Tebay Services coming down Shap for a tachometer break lunch and made very good time up to getting to the M42! Dropped the trailer at the factory and turned around and went to Shepshed, getting there just before 8! Gave Caz her card etc and that was today! From the amount of calls etc, we are getting into a busy patch again!
  8. PeteB

    How was your day?

    The end of a tiring, frustrating and annoying long day! Left the hotel at 08:10 for the 17 mile drive into Redford Barracks in Edinburgh which took 45 minutes! The bypass is as bad as the M25! Met the dealer rep and the potential customer. Ryan is leaving the Army to join the Reserves for two days a week while taking up tree work for the other three. Decent chap. I feel pretty awful as the demo unit is a disgrace, the paint is shocking and a previous demo had it rolled on it's side. For some reason, the service manager's decision to strip and rebuild was overuled as it was a cost issue!?! As a consequence, we have an unimpressive looking demo unit. We get the two off the trailer and I set about my speel. Ryan wants to feel how it goes behind his new 4x4 ARB truck. The body builders had made two mistakes in that the body was low slung and then impossible to hitch the chipper on it. Out come the spanners and I had to drop the hitch to make room. They had also fitted a seven pin plug when a 13 pin is standard fit on all trailer plugs!!! Good job I keep an adaptor. We have a drive around the outskirts of Edinburgh! Next comes the trial. All goes well until we get a tad over ambitious and stall it! Out come the spanners again. Not a good way to demo stuff. Baring a haggle over price the deal is done, brilliant! Then to load it all back on the trailer, the control lead is too short and I look a Pratt, getting the second one is a disaster, before the wheels are on the ramp the battery pack for the winch dies! I have nothing but a ratchet strap to winch it on! I feel really unprofessional in front of the customer and his dealer! Get it sorted and away! Next is a quick dealer principal meeting which confirmed their commitment, ace! The next job is a rescue/swap scheduled to be at Gordonstoun School up by Lossiemouth, some four hours drive! I'll be late and he cannot hang about as he has an evening appointment that he cannot break. He agrees to leave it elsewhere. I forget what PITA the A9 can be coupled with the cross country road from Aviemore. Stunning scenery but slow at times. Anyhow, I swap it for a loaner a bade my farewell. While I feel for him as the return is due to warranty issues that we singularly failed to address through the dealer, but his chipper is a disgrace, he hasn't cleaned it in a year and it is battered and dented! I'll struggle to defend him! The drive back from Elgin to Perth seemed to take forever! I got here at 19:50. Drained, cross, frustrated! I had to put up with a call from the colleague who is the triumph of ambition over ability, he wanted to explain why he only 25k out of his tyres after he found out that I was put out at only getting 38k! Apparently, it is an issue with a trailer that he tows yet he couldn't answer why it happened later on mine and I tow more than him! Then he starts to tell me how brilliant his day has been as he has sold a dealers demo unit from him, but is for a lot less than the lad wanted for it! I am also reminded that has driven further than me this week and he hasn't had time to see anyone important as he has too busy getting there and back!!!! I despair! Caz lonely at home, but she confessed to having a walk/talk with younger workmate. Poor girl, mid-twenties, rented house, BMW, etc, is over £25k in debt! Yes, I'm in debt with a mortgage but that is it! She admitted that she borrowed money to buy stuff as she was unhappy with her life and people queued up to justify her borrowing from them! Crazy!!! That's all folks, shattered and time for bed!