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  1. PeteB

    How was your day?

    Away in good time after a couple of emails and a decent enough meeting with the owner of the dealership - he and I hit it off as we both have the same sort of attitudes in a manufacturer/dealer relationship. The rep is stuck on The Isle of Bute as the weather is too rough for the ferry. I take the new machine to the client in Dumbarton and have a good craig with them! Only slight downer is that they though that I was delivering today and collecting my loaner on thursday - so I got to dash back there before heading south! The weather has been atrocious here - typically bad for the west coast if it feels that way! Hosing it down and blowing a gale! My appointment at Oban is cancelled and two other calls don't happen - the drive to Inverness is spectacular and one of the perks of the job - although, in terms of business opportunities, it is infuriating that compared to the other areas, I have customers and potentials! Another Premier Inn night and wished I could have a good cup of tea and some simple food! Only another two to go though. Two of the people I see at Inverness are ill, but I'm hoping to see them more for social than business reasons - both are good people who have helped us in the past. I got to stop somewhere and get a power lead for this laptop too!
  2. PeteB

    How was your day?

    Caz's daughter passed her test and is as proud as punch! Bless her and it is a relief to the rest of the family! Living in the country does have some benefits but the downside is the truly awful bus service compared with other villages. So, everything social has to be planned with travel in mind, who can take them?, who can collect them?, which friends need a lift etc. Now she can drive to and from without anyone having to be available. Caz had a lie in while I was up and away. Collected someone from town for a lift to Alcester, a few things done in the factory, including collecting a machine for delivery into Dumbarton. I had to then find a new tractor mounted machine delivered to our local council - I had been asked to view as it was thought that the PTO shaft was at too keen an angle. I met up with one of their staff and drove off around Redditch to find this unit. Nothing wrong with the angle but the lift geometry showed that they cannot lift it to full height as the shaft would be too short and it would separate. I feel a little disappointed as I've reported this several times and had a few altered but still they keep turning them out! An extra expense and embarrassment. To paraphrase Einstein, 'if you also do what you always done, you will always get what you always got!' I then set out at 60mph to Paisley! After a long but pretty uneventful drive, I get to the hotel, some 285 miles! During the day, I have felt that something was not right. That uneasy feeling feeling that I have forgotten something. I realised that I had left a coat and fleece on the bannister at home but can overcome that. I got another coat in the car and would get another fleece from the office. The only fleece they have is XXXL! I'm fairly rotund and fairly broad but not that size! Looks like I'll either look daft and be warm or cold and cool! I also discover that the power lead for the laptop is still sat under my desk so a trip to a Curry's will be in order! One other thing to report - my ex-wife, the mother of my children, the one that I should not have married (we were never compatible), the one that sacked me on the eve of my 40th birthday to be with a builder in the next village, the one that gave me 7 years of domestic abuse, the one that took me for about £100k, the one that took two years to divorce me as I was paying for things.......(can you sense that I'm a little bitter and twisted?) is to split from the builder - they too are incompatible, and life unhappily together in separate rooms, and do not get on at all. They only thing that has kept them together is their joint debts, the house that they share and doesn't have planning permission for, the two dogs and five parrots! I feel sorry for my children having to witness this relationship breakdown as both of them are not being helpful, honest, truthful etc......I smile wryly at how things have turned out! They have been together for 15 years and have been at odds for the last 8 - history repeating itself?
  3. PeteB

    How was your day?

    Caz did 04:00 until 14:00! Came home and had a quick bite then bed for a bit! I did some housework, got yet more cards and a bag or two of chocolates to give away and finished all the cards. They got posted too! Leicester Tigers were playing Racing 92 at Welford Road today, Tom and I watched them loose on the box! Seem to be having a bad season this year.... Caz's daughter has her driving test tomorrow and her grand parents have replaced her dead Corsa with a Suzuki Swift. Good of them! Hope she passes as she has a full time job in town and there isn't a bus service through early enough! I have printed off the letter giving the garage 7days to do something or we go legal on the lemon Q7! Just in time for Xmas....
  4. PeteB

    How was your day?

    Started the task of doing Xmas cards for every one at work, ran out when Caz came home from night shift. Still got to finsh these as well as the latest expenses! We went off to the appointment at the bank to rethink mortgages. Caz feels left out of live, no property in her name, no real savings, no pension and no real prospects going forward. She will benefit from her parents passing but that may be 30 years hence! Her job is annualised hours and loads of overtime which is difficult to get a lender excited. Buying houses is hard work until the debt is paid and awfully stressful getting it organized! We will keep trying....I'm a tad hard nosed about things at times and my view of a second house is one that can be rented out and I've no interest in living there myself! Caz's view is roses around the door etc. Poor kid has to work again tonight too! Weather awful and not very welcoming either! Mood is blue here! Still not done anything for Xmas bar the cards!
  5. PeteB

    How was your day?

    Caz doing an early again, she came home soon after ten as I was leaving. I had a couple of things to do at home first. We still might get another house so another mortgage appointment made. A sum was wrong on the last one, apparently, I am good in principle for a £14,000,000 mortgage! Two extra zeros added! I then collected the demo unit from my mate in Lincoln and drop it off at the factory - we like to have all the toys in the shed over Christmas. I reckon that is sold, as is the other one I got back tother day too! Traffic home was awful, perhaps I should get a plane too! Got sent a pretty awful video of a tree surgery video which went wrong. A chap up a tree cut too little a gob in a big limb, then cut the back out too slow. The limb split up its length, fell out and smeared him as to came down. It was hushed up some years ago as it looked bad for the plc company because he was poorly trained and badly supervised!
  6. PeteB

    How was your day?

    Caz was up at 02:30 and back at 10ish - I had to meet a dealer in Tuxford which was good - a little order will be placed just when I need a tad more in my figures! A bit of supplier politics was played out too. I hadn't made an appointment other than 'see you tomorrow morning!', my contact and I sat in his office drinking tea and putting the world to rights and he told me that another supplier was due at 10:00. Comparatively speaking we are smaller than these other guys and their was two of them coming to muscle in. They arrived early and had to stand in the showroom because they got told that a 'premium supplier' was discussing a big order with the sales manager and I was too important to disturb! The look of surprise on their faces when the realised it was only me was worth a chunk! Even more when I told them that my man had spent up and was bot buying mowers this week either! Sweet! I then drove the two hours to the factory to drop a loan machine off, collect a fixed machine to take to Wellingborough and back home..... I got into a conversation with another dealer contact who I gel with. He drives from the family home, North West of Burnley over to Wakefield everyday - that M62 is simply awful! It can take hours! So we were mulling over the prospect of putting a runway in at home (big plot) and finding somewhere in Wakefield to land it.....he thinks it may work...
  7. PeteB

    How was your day?

    Same again, very strange to get up late in the week! Could almost get used to it! Caz's daughter had her first ever day at a proper job today - she started as a junior cashier - no apprenticeship etc - straight to work! Bless her! Sounds like a decent enough company - they had put an Advent Calendar at her work station as everyone else had one too! Caz and I settled to do a bit of email type stuff then away xmas shopping. But I am pretty hopeless so still got it all to do! Not my comfort zone shopping at all.... We had a lunch out which is rare and a good traipse about Leicester and will have to get gritty and determined later! Wednesday night supper - Tom here but Pip cried off, I think that there is a new fellow in the mix so she probably burned the candle at both ends again - party child! Sent of some documents and formulated a letter to go to the garage - will get hard over this as they totally ignored my last letters and emails! The swear filter would work hard to cover my anger on here!!!