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  1. PeteB

    How was your day?

    After a decent nights sleep and a lay in until 8:30 she and I head to town to open a joint bank account - and that proved difficult! My account has been good for decades but no one can see us. Sorry HSBC, not this time! We head to a branch of her spot - they try but not possible today, sorry TSB, not you either. Set up an account online with Lloyds and going to confirm with ID at branch! Simples.... Then have Virgin on the phone - a new department that looks after and rewards loyalty. He confessed that the use 'chatbots' on the online stuff and the algorithm isn't set up well, and the outsource a customer services department and have had too many complaints! Loyalty should be rewarded for that, not chased as new business is gettimng a better deal is my line of thought. He agrees and then tells me 'what you could've won!' be told that the offer has been upgraded to same TV and broadband, drop the unused phone line and pay £49.99 per month with the first month free is another kick in the gonads! Folks, go to your suppliers and get a better deal! As for taking the day off, she had a snooze after dinner and I have done a rook of emails and phone calls! Wished I could find the 'off' button. She doing night shift at EMA for a few days so I'm on my own with an early start to Hay on Wye via Alcester tomorrow.
  2. PeteB

    How was your day?

    I tried, again, to sort out my Virgin bundle. I felt that the money I was paying is too much for what I was getting or needed. I contacted them via their web chat and to cut a long story short, they couldn't help as I wanted to keep BT sport which isn't available at the sort of cost I felt I was comfortable with. I got hold of BT and arranged a bundle with them with a slower internet speed but still manageable and the sport channels that I wanted and the channels that she wanted too. I then rang Virgin to serve them 30 day notice. Their adviser told me that I was making a mistake going to that package at BT! Then told me that the internet speed was too slow and that I could have the same deal with Virgin if had only spoken to them! Nice way to deal with people!!! She finished at two so we went up to hers to see her family. The daughter is working in the pub so we had a couple of drinks and her mum made some supper - the jobs are stacking up at Wood Lane as well as Shepshed. I got to do some treework up there as well as put the Grey Fergie in an already full shed as well as another three mowers etc! Binned work tomorrow, she is off until a late start so we can spend some time together!
  3. PeteB

    How was your day?

    A pretty usual Saturday to be honest - set out with some good intentions to spend time getting the Hot Rod going but end up doing the housework, washing, ironing etc! The rugby has been on TV all afternoon, I've watched a couple of matches and it was good to see Leicester Tigers win at home last night. Wished I had got a ticket or two and had a few beers on the terrace. Must get into that habit - even if she is not able to come as she has to get to bed early with work...Up at 02:30 again tomorrow - so I'll have another evening on my own in front of the box with a glass or two of wine! Funny life some people lead in how they work etc....I don't know whether I mentioned this earlier but I seem to be very much in the minority workwise. I've only had two full time jobs since 1982 and both have paid me more than adequately, both I've had a great deal of enjoyment doing, both have allowed me to enjoy a measure of success and be good at it and both have, while they been hard work, allowed me not to have worked shifts! And they have both allowed and encouraged a mechanical 'bent' to come to the fore. I just wished I had some more time to do all the projects that I have scattered about at home! Tom has acquired another Subaru engine - I wondered why he had been industriously cleaning patio area and other such jobs like trying to tidy the garage out etc. This one has been rebuilt before so we will see how far he goes with it! He has driven off into the sunset to see some car buddies at a car thing in Kent tonight! Muppet!
  4. PeteB

    Q7 air suspension

    I just got told that there is a central hub which communicates with the various ECU units in the car. If this central hub starts to break down then the MMI starts to not receive or display all the settings. Mine had no screen for air suspension and this box is one issue and the compressor may now have overheated and bust.
  5. PeteB


    If the ECU isn't in, nothing works. It has a central communication hub which talks to all of the other ECU units in the car and if that is fried then other things start to go wrong. This hub has broken on mine, csusing, or at least possibly, the messages from other ECU units to fail to get through.
  6. PeteB

    How was your day?

    Woke up with her at 3am and didn't get to sleep again so feeling a little jaded! A couple of emails done and a trip to the dental hygienist for a scrapexand polish. Very lucky teethwise, had four fillings 40 years ago, they all fell out, never redone and all is good! A check up cost a pound per second as there is not to worry about and the hygienist was 3 minutes long! Then went to see the Q7, I'm told that it would appear that brought a lemon! The list of fault codes related to just about everything available! The device that talks to everything is goosed and is 600sobs. That then allows him access to everything else including the suspension compressor, which may be burnt out! Not what I wanted to hear! That's another 1500 more! I rang the firm that I brought it from and they will consider their position...... I had a trip to the factory then to unload trailer and test a prototype. Inadequate in my opinion! Found some unexpected faults in some other stuff which was disappointing too! Went home via the eye people. Our new glasses were ready for collection. My day to day specs were awful! Couldn't see anything close with them! Dissatisfied with the day.... Time for a wine or two! She up at silky o'clock again too! Enjoy your weekend folks!
  7. Try putting the part number into a search engine - I've done that before with something else.
  8. Don't know for sure as I don't have an A3, but, the mesh stuff doesn't look like a windbreak to me, more of a load seperator/dog gaurd type of thing. Try looking for a comparison on ebay or some such.