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  1. Yeah i did mate, transponder in the passenger rear door, if you fine a really quiet spot and press your keystart button or better still get someone else to do it and sit next to the door you will hear the relay clicking. Change that transponder and it will all work again...
  2. I'm hoping to pop in today and grab a tech, yes doors have the square but doesn't work, I believe it's the key, the fact neither works would suggest that I'd say. There is an independent VW Audi garage the my dealer knows he's going in today to see what they can do... Anybody know how easy programming keyless start is? Cheers Rob
  3. Ok, i called into Audi today and asked the question about the keyless start. I was told by a sales man that he couldnt bring up my spec due to the age of my car. He said that keyless start didn't come to the q7 until 2011 however, they put the buttons in. I didn't bother to argue with him, however, i know that's not the case as i test drove 2 cars prior to mine that each had it and they were older than mine. Now another thing just occurred to me, 2 days after i bought my car i managed to lock the keys in it (long story) a lock smith came out and let me in. in a conversation with him i asked could the plastic key start my car, he informed me that it could as it has a chip in it, however, when he tried it it didn't, he put the key in a reader and said yes it definitely should start it and my car must of had a new set of keys at some point. I am now thinking perhaps that's the problem, is anyone on here any knowledge regarding keys, programming, and keyless start? cheers Rob
  4. It's under the arm rest, open the compartment and there is a button that the front to lift it again. Then another button at the front which opens up to reveal the mmi, connect is there...
  5. That's a good idea, will let you know what they say...
  6. Pressing the button does nothing at all, no message saying key not present or anything like that. Keyless entry I'm not that fussed about to keyless start I really want as I'm used to it from my previous car...
  7. Yeah I agree, I think it does have it and it's not working, anyone any ideas on testing if I have it or not or how to get it working if it is broken?
  8. Rigy

    Q7 start button

    Did you find a solution?
  9. Hi guys I recently bought my Q7 3.0TDI s-line. It came with Keyless entry and start however, neither seem to work. I spoke to my dealer and I've been told that even though the buttons are in the car it doesn't have those functions. Quite frankly I don't believe them, I've looked around at others and if they don't have it they don't have the buttons either. My guess is there is a problem with it. I've replaced my key fob battery with a new one but made no odds. I've searched the net for answers but found nothing, does anyone have a clue where I start? Cheers Rigy