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Found 20 results

  1. Got two discs I bought a few months back for a car I no longer have. OIEO £350
  2. Hi, I have a 2008 Audi Q7 3.0 Sline and its driving me mad. Lately i get a wiper motor failure and also auto lights and auto wiper failure on the dash. There is also a rear passenger bulb warning. This happens first thing in the morning and all clear with either a restart of car or while driving. I have had a garage look at the rain sensor and they said it functions ok. The scan show communication issues or something along those lines. Today the failure came on and stayed on the dash but the lights and wipers worked where as before i had no lights or wipers until the fault clears. Please can anyone help me work out what is causing all this??
  3. Hi all Had my 2007 Q7 for a couple of weeks lovely car, I do have a few small issues that i need to address. First is the MMI system all works perfectly except the SETUP button which does not illuminate when pressed or do anything on the screen, all i want to do is change the clock to the correct time but can't do it. I have seen it is fairly easy to remove the switch plate from the centre console, do i need to buy a new micro switch for this can i buy it separately or is it part of the complete MMI switch system. Any advice would be great thanks.
  4. I have just bought an Audi Q7 S line 2006. Im thinking of buying the play2air Bluetooth connection so I can stream the audio from my iphone but I cant find the 10pin connector anywhere? There is nothing in the glove compartment apart from the airbag switch. the car is equipped with MMI with satnav, phone etc, although its not letting me import my contacts for some reason? Can anyone tell me where to find it and how to import my contacts to the MMI? Thanks,
  5. Hi all quick introduction by me. Bought myself a Q7 2007 3.0 TDI back in September 2017. Top spec, every extra. It’s running around 140k now and I !Removed! love the bus! As do the kids and mrs. I carry out most of the maintenance myself. I’m a chartered engineer and I’m a massive car enthusiast, completed the majority of my own issues since I was a young teen. My previous car was a 535d and although I do miss the raw power, the q7 is my baby now and I will run it for many many years. Fingers crossed I’ve had a couple of problems with it. Passenger wiper arm snapped on a rainy winters day. Headlamp bulbs blew (gosh they were pricey). Going through 21” tyres like no tomorrow and just changes pads and discs all round. So no problems I suppose. Just general upkeep. However, I’ve just got a low oil pressure alarm. I’ve read some horror stories and current situation is...I’ve ordeted a new oil pressure switch/sensor. (Can anyone shed any light on its location on the car?) I hope it’s just a quick sensor change and I’m good. I have an oil change booked in too for next week. I have read horror stories about the oil pump though? Anyone shed any light on this?
  6. I just bought a 63-plate Q7 SEwhich doesn’t have Xenon headlights or LED DRL, just the standard halogen bulbs and reflectors. The DRL is the same bulb as the main beam. I’m looking to upgrade the lighting, but short of buying a set of new headlight assemblies, what is the recommended ‘plug & play’ upgrade? I’ve checked autobulbs direct and the Halfords website to find out what bulb fitments are for my cat, but they gave different answers, even thought I entered my reg number to find the vehicle. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Hi Everyone. I have recently purchased a Q7 and I am now looking to buy either a TT or A4 Cabriolet AUTO. Given my budget the age-range of these would be from 2003-2006 I Imagine. By the sounds of it the biggest issue with these cars is the cambelt, just wondering if some Audi experts can give some advice whether these models/age would be worh pursuing given the issues. Thanks
  8. V12 Smig

    New Q7

    Hi there, took delivery of my new Q7 a little over one month ago, new 2018 S line, with tech pack and pan roof. I previously had from new a 2014 A6 Avant SE ultra tiptronic. Bought the Q7 on the basis of me previous Audi's reliability, practicality and comfort. Have to say was a tad overwhelmed by the Q7, it size, the gadgets, the looks etc., but now feel right at home. I've done just over 2K and averaged just over 31mpg, the A6, which the wife now has, does mid to late 40's. a bit miffed though that I am having to add "ADD BLUE" already. The A6 did nearly 8'000 miles before it's 1st warning came up?? Is this normal for the Q7 or have Audi saved money by only putting 3'500 miles worth in the tank.... Also wish it had some storage boxes in the back... Will update now and again, hope someone has some comments on the add blue... Cheers V12
  9. Just bought my first Audi Q7 3.0 TDI S line 2006. Had no issues connecting my iphone 8 via Bluetooth but it wont import my contacts, I have read many reviews that talk about Audi dealer resets but is there anything I can do to get it working? Also, I would like to play my music through the car, I have heard tune2air is the best Bluetooth device out there but first does anyone know if I need this, the car has sat nav but when I go to CD option the only source is CD. Apologies if I am simply navigating the wrong menu, I haven't had the time to have a good play with it yet : ) Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all, Ive bought my first Audi, a 2007 Q7 S Line, a really nice car. Im looking at maybe fitting DVD headrests for the kids as the car currently doesnt have them in. Do you know if there is wiring etc currently in the seats you can simply buy an aftermarket headrest and connect it up or would this be something id have to wire in direct from the headrest to the dash? Im also thinking of retrofitting a reversing camera, again is this an easy option to do afterwards and would the wiring for the camera already be in the car and its a case of just fitting and connecting? Im guessing that would be far too easy so probably not! Many thanks, Foz.
  11. Hi all, just joined the forums after buying my first Audi, a 2007 S line Q7. Im new to this level of car but after driving Fords, Vauxhalls, Citroen, Kias etc for many years the Audi is way above these kind of cars. Got a new little things i want to sort out on it so im hoping i can learn some things about the car from you guys! Thanks for all your help. Regards, Foz.
  12. Audi has announced two new models for the Q7 line up, the Vorsprung Edition and Black Edition The Vorsprung edition is available on the 3.0tdi models and the SQ7 and is special as it will have a lot of extras as standard, such as the parking assistance brake and driving assistance tour pack. It will also have special interior trim which includes Valcona leather seated sports seats, extra leather on the door panels and grab handles, head-up display and Audi phone box. On the outside, it will be fitted with 22" wheels. Prices : 3.0tdi £77,905 (some £25k more than the standard model) SQ7 £88,295 (some £15k over the standard SQ7) The other new model is the Black Edition, which is only available on the 3.0tdi and will have its own black paint and 21"wheels. On the inside, the Black Edition will come with a Valcona leather interior, adaptive suspension which has been lowered by 15mm and a panoramic sunroof. The price is £64,405 which is £11,500 more than the standard model. Here's the link for more info: Article written by Steve Quinn - Moderator, Audi Owners Club
  13. I am so excited, we have ordered a new Q7 and cannot wait for the car to arrive. But then began the worry about if I have chosen the correct colour. We have specced Sepang Blue, which is a lovely colour and I have seen other Audi's (SQ5, S3 etc) in Sepang blue, but never seen a Q7 in the flesh. Photos online do not always look right. I am thinking about changing the colour to ink blue or daytona grey to make sure this great car looks 'stylish' and 'prestige', I am concerned that sepang blue may 'cheapen' the look of the car. What are your favourite colours for the Q7?Should I stick with Sepang Blue? Not many of these about, whats the reason for that!Great dilemma to have I guess, but cannot make my mind up!!Craig
  14. (video courtesy of Audi USA)
  15. Hi all, with the new laws in England starting in November regarding children booster seat having a full back up to the age of 12 , I went to buy a new seat for my 5 year old. purchased a high back seat from Halfords and when trying to fit realised due to the head rests in the Q7 this wasn't going to fit! My wife drove to Audi and asked if they had come across this problem to where they replied, No. sales rep tried fitting a audi kids seat, this also didn't fit. the manager said the headrest can be removed but would take upto 5 hours ( £85 x 5 = sod that! ) anyone else come across this problem?
  16. Hello, I am very close to placing an order for 272ps S-line but would like to trim down on the optional equipment list. As a master list I have selected the style,dynamic and technology pack. What, do you think are the least useful options in the pack? Which of the options given below would you personally avoid ? I know this is very subjective but will provide me some insight Style Pack:- Ambient lighting Running boards Panoramic glass sunroof Dynamic Pack: - Adaptive air suspension Audi Active Lane Assist Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Traffic jam assist Traffic sign recognition Predictive efficiency assist Audi Pre-sense front with collision avoidance assist and turn assist Technology pack: - Audi Virtual Cockpit Audi Connect Infotainment Services (36-month subscription) Head-up display Audi Phone Box High-beam assist
  17. Hello, New member from Berkshire on a research mission. Very shortly about to pull the trigger on a new Q7 3.0 TDI Quattro S Line have decided on specification, but struggling to get the dealers to match anywhere near the broker prices. I have no part exchange and im lookin to take advantage of the Audi PCP on this car. Any advice on the best discount levels available would be much aoppreciated Neil
  18. Hi just joined the group
  19. Does anyone know how you switch on the heated front screen on a 2016 new model Q7. the audi dealership doesnt know ??
  20. Hi not sure if this posted some where tried to search but cant find nothing, I have brought new LED lights rear lights for my Q7 2008 I have used a control unit and seems like it needs some software change any suggestions.