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  1. My 1.5 TFSI A3 was recalled by my dealer on 5th Sept to have the long awaited software fix applied. Initially I thought the problem was fixed; no hesitation when setting off and much livelier performance. However, the hesitation returned after a couple of days although not quite as bad. I did a deal last Oct to change the car for a 2ltr diesel just so I could be done with this problem even though I don’t do the miles to justify a diesel and although I’m still waiting for it, I can’t wait to say goodbye to the 1.5 TFSI. I hope the software fix is better for you all. I intend to tell the dealer that the car is still not right but having gone down the route of changing it, I’m not going to waste much time pursuing this problem. Don’t think I will be buying another Audi.
  2. I spoke to a salesman a couple of weeks ago and he told me the 35 will have a new 1.5ltr engine. It seems that all their new engines are going through testing for emissions etc at the moment and he was not sure when they would be available but said it could be up to 6 months. I read on here earlier that all the petrol and diesel engines have failed testing.
  3. Hi Mark I have been having discussions with my dealer and the new line up of cars will have a new 1.5 petrol engine designated the 35. Because of this I can’t see Audi devoting too much time to the current problem, but I could be wrong. I was originally going for the 2ltr diesel but because of the government’s current attitude to diesel I went petrol but was never really happy that I did because of the mileage benefit. I told the dealer that under the Sale of Goods Act, if my goods are not fit for purpose that I was entitled to either a replacement or my money back. However, I told them that I would be prepared to accept a diesel (almost identical performance to the petrol) and pay the difference. Initially they were wanting to treat the transaction as a new purchase and offered me about £16500 for my 2.5 month old car. I said I was only prepared to pay the difference between the petrol and diesel version which is about £1500. They managed to get a goodwill contribution from Audi and I have just got an order in for a new 2 ltr diesel although I will be paying £2100, not £1500. Unfortunately the wheel and tyre insurance, dent insurance, Gap insurance and Gardex treatment that I put on my car are not transferable, so I guess I’ve lost another £1500 there but I got the feeling there was nothing else on the table from Audi or the dealer so I bit the bullet on that one. I think that maybe the best course of action is to get your dealer to negotiate a hefty discount with Audi on a new model car. Hopefully the new 35 engine will be problem free! I’m fairly happy now as I will have a 68 or maybe 19 registration as opposed to my 18 and have not taken the high depreciation hit that normally comes with a car leaving the showroom. This is not the ideal solution and Audi should really have come up with a fix for this problem by now, but they want to keep us as customers and hopefully will give a generous discount on a new car if that’s the route you decide to take.
  4. I bought an A3 1.5 TFSI manual at the end of July 2018 and have the same hesitation when pulling away in 1st gear. Interestingly there is no problem when reversing. Had the car in to be looked at last week but no fault found so the technicians contacted Audi Technical who said there is a known problem with this engine and they are working on a fix. However, as this problem seems to have been ongoing since at least September 2017 I don't think any of us should expect the fix anytime soon. I have just emailed customer services requesting a replacement car minus the problem, haha. I was given an A3 2 ltr diesel, manual as a courtesy car. Despite both giving 150 bhp and the TFSI being marginally quicker 0-60 on paper, the diesel was much more responsive, had much better acceleration and gave 20 mpg more. Interesting stuff and showed me that the 1.5 petrol engine is definitely not right. What I want to know is, why are Audi continuing to sell a car with a known fault?