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  1. I have a 2011 TDI auto and the box is fine I'm on 126000miles now.
  2. At what miles should you chage oil on 2.0 diesel quattro?
  3. Its prob just the diffs, if not it could be a ball joint.
  4. Does anybody on here know if the system needs primed after changing filter to get rid of air?
  5. I rang Audi (belfast) and they said that it was early to have adblue (Sept 2011) but the fella said if its beside the fuel cap it must have it and that it should bring a dash light up when near out. So I'm wandering how many miles do you get from the adblue tank when it's full, as I have done 6,000 miles on car since buying and I haven't seen any dash lights yet.
  6. Not sure if this would be under warranty now but check the caps at the back of headlight are all tight, replace with a new headlight if you can't find the problem as it will end up going for your xenon bulb.
  7. The gearbox oil and filter were changed by the garage I bought the car from. I took the car back to them about the problem and they put it on the computer and said there was nothing wrong with it. They took it for a drive and said nothing wrong with the car. Theres 109,000miles on her now. I will try the incline and let you know how that goes thanks David.
  8. No it just doesn't know to down shift into 1st instead of trying to take off in 2nd. Seems to work ok in sport box.
  9. I didn't know it was add blue till I went to put fuel in it and there was a adblue cap beside the diesel cap 🙄
  10. Does any body know if the car will tell you when I need to top up adblue? She is a pre facelift, thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks for the advice Gareth I will get the genuine parts ordered up from Audi on Monday, bar the oil its 20 quid on Ebay for 5L .
  12. I was thinking of buying Castrol edge titanium, what yous think? OEM filter or aftermarket filter?
  13. Bought same ones off Ebay, good difference thanks Mike for the info
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