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  1. I also have a new Q3 1.5tsfi and always disable the stop start mainly as it makes for a more pleasant driving experience but the potential extra wear on the engine is a good point I had not considered . There was an article in one of the major car magazines a year or so ago saying the main driving force for this technology is that car manufacturers are keen to shave every miniscule point off the mpg figures when they are compared with other cars but the driver will barely benefit in the real world from this technology . It is worse in diesel cars which often start with more of a jolt .
  2. Have now ordered a FWD 1.5 TSFI Petrol Auto . Was impressed by test drive and as 2Litre Petrol was not due to come out for approx 6 months decided the 1.5 was enough for me and decided FWD would also be adequate for me .
  3. I am awaiting delivery of a new Q3 35 TSFI Auto FWD later this month . My current car is a 3 series BMW and I have used winter tyres each winter for past 9 years which are a huge benefit when we have snow although little need for them so far this winter . I was wondering if anyone has any experience of how a Q3 manages in snow and ICE with or without Winter tyres . I would obviously expect it to perform better than my RWD BMW but I have heard a RWD car with winter tyres will perform better than a FWD or even 4WD car on normal tyres . I am not surprised by this having seen how winter tyres transform my BMW's ability to cope in snow and ice . There is a good video on you tube showing a FWD caron winter tyres managing to climb an indoor ski slope better than its 4WD equivalent on summer rubber . I live in Scotland where we often get more snow and ice than further south .
  4. I am thinking of buying a new Q3 when they come out . Wondering between 1.5 Litre Petrol Auto with FWD or 2.0 Litre Petrol Auto with Quattro . I know some people swear by Quattro but I must admit I am a bit sceptical and wonder if they would genuinely notice the difference 99 percent of the time . In my work I am driven around in a Skoda Octavia Scout with 4WD and have questioned a lot of the drivers . Majority have said they don't really notice its 4WD and none of them really convince me they have genuinely noticed a difference . Some say things like " It holds the road well going round corners but then admit that their own FWD car holds the road well going round corners and they dont really see any definate difference , The 2 Litre Quattro woll be significantly more expensive to purchase and running cost higher ie fuel tyres insurance etc . The extra power would be nice though , just not sure Quattro would be nescessary or even noticable 99 % of the time . Interested to hear from anyone especially with experience of both systems
  5. Thinking of getting a new Q3 when it comes out or may just get a Q2 as a couple of family members have them and are happy with them . Will probably test drive first . Anyone got reliable info on Ground Clearance of these 2 cars as seem to get conflicting info on internet .