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  1. New 2019 Q3. when starting quick flash up "traffic sign recognition:fault" anyone else have this? it still works fine and I know as M5 has temp signs and it recognises them (rather than just the sat nav knowing where the fixed signs are). Audi replaced camera so far but it still happens.....answers on a postcard please. Anyone else seen this on their audi. They are contacting audi technical next
  2. Further to my question I have found no evidence that it is good or results in no wear, so every time I drive I just switch it off. It actually makes the driving experience better without itstopping. One road I went down the other day with slow traffic resulted in 10 stop starts!!!, hence it gets switched off from now on
  3. I have my first Audi Q3 2019. It has start stop technology, my question is simple, does all the starting and stopping of the engine harm the engine itself??
  4. We got an RFID pouch to put keys in when in house (EBay). Walked up to car with keys in pouch and nothing, so they do work, best tenner you can spend for piece of mind.
  5. Warranty...... get them to sort it
  6. Hi, just got the Q3 Vorsprung. Stunning motor, just looking around forum for now