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  1. Agreed, I use a metal box for both sets of keys, then another metal box hidden away for the spares. I'm still not convinved that they can take a car that doesnt have an advanced key/keyless entry as it still needs a physical push of a button to unlock it. So can a relay device duplicate that? That said, I assume if they managed to break into the car by other means they could then duplicate the signal via a device to start it?
  2. True.... I agree you will never be able to prevent a determined professional thief, the type who are likely to 'raid' a house if they want something that bad. However, crime statistics seem to bear out the majority of these people don't want to be involved in any aggravated theft or take the risk themselves of coming up against 'Harry the b'stard' and his two Belgian Malinois the other side fo the door.
  3. Not quite.... but nearly. I had a long career in London Fire Briagde until July last year when I retired. In the latter part of my career, I climbed the ladder (if you pardon the pun) and ended up as a Senior officer, which required me to have a lease car, fitted with a siren, covert blue lights and the inevitable 'kojak' magnetic roof light. Throughout that period I had a Saab, thee 5 series BMW's and ended up with a Volvo XC60. However,in 2009, I decided on an Audi. I had this Audi A6SE 20.0tdi for 18 months. Unfortunately, I had a Friday afternoon car and Audi took it back after 18 months as it had been back with so many major faults. But the customer service was so good, (compared to BMW & Volvo) that is why I returned to Audi and bought my Q7 last April just as I was approaching retirement. I returned my last lease car (The Volvo) when I got the Q7. Unfortunately, the Q7 emmissions were just over that permitted to join the LFB essential car users scheme so I didn't get to see out my last few months with the Q7 all blue-lighted up. (I had to make do with a red & dayglo yellow marked pool car). Quite a few LFB Officers have Audi's.... mainly A3's and A4's but a handful of A5's & A6's.... so if you see then flying about London, they may not be unmarked Police cars. 😉
  4. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum, I've had a look for this topic on the boards but cant find it, apologies if its been done before. Between my Mrs and I we have a 2018 Q7 S-line and a 2018 A5 convertible S-line. I got the Q7 new in April 2018 and the A5 in September when it was around 7 months old. Both are protected with Stoplock Pro-Elite's... but I made sure when I got both cars I chose models without the 'Advanced key' despite the dealer saying "they are fine". Neverhteless, I keep all the keys in a metal tin anyway. I'm assuming as this is older technology and both cars require us to physically press the button on the key fobs to open the doors, they are not vulnerable from 'relay theft' which is big in the News at the moment on cars with 'key;less entry'. I've had a good search on the internet (keyless start vs keyless entry etc) but can't find anything that determines the difference between them. Thanks in advance for your answers.
  5. Hi, I'm Steve, I live in Hornchurch (East London/Essex). I have a 2018 Audi Q7 s-line (272) that I got last April and also my Mrs has an Audi A5 s-line 2.0d convertible that we got from the same dealer in September that was 7 months old.