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  1. I am changing the radio in my 02 A6 C5 the standard ariel just needs an adapter to change the fitting size but what do i do with the electric one
  2. Had the A6 2002 for 3 weeks and it great but all tyres are new only when dressing them i find the rears are 235/45/17 and thr fronts 225/45/17 , does any one know if when needed if i can put 235s on the front
  3. Its half amped the rear , i have a wiring loom SOT to ISO with a box to cut the rear amp cost £70.80 , now the cd is showing no disc err 3 , should have taken the discs out first i suppose the only problem now is i have this great bundle of wires the parrot box and the box with the kit and nowere to put it all
  4. I have an 02 A6 C5 does any one know how i find out what radio i have as in is it a standard unit a 1/2 amplified or fully amped it is a Audi Symphony on the rear it has ariel , electric arial wire , and 3 ,I S O type plugs that look like power at the bottom , part of the speakers and the top one i would say has the other speaker wires plus extra wires , i want to fit a Parrot hands free system but finding the right S O T lead is becoming a pain in the rear end
  5. I have a Parrot MKi9200 hands free system just need to get the radio out , which finding info on how to do this is not showing any results
  6. Can anyone help i have a 2002 A6 C5 that i want to fit my Parrot hands free unit but need to get the radio out to make connections so what i need to know is how as there seems no obvious way Thanks
  7. Nice looking motor ,the wheels look far better now
  8. A wolf in sheeps clothing especialy the 2.5 love laying with our local boy racers but the word gets around rity quick its not worth playing and looking a prat
  9. mixa57


    Might seem a daft question but is the V6 2.5 TDI single or twin turbo i ask as i found a page from service manual which says 1 turbo and an air pump but the page is corupt theres a pic that shows what looks like 2 turbos
  10. there also very expensive £70 =£135
  11. Just to let people know i purchased a workshop manual on line from ebay for AUDI A6 C5 1997-2005 +WIRING from a uk supplier and 80% was corupt was given a refund no problem so were to get one from now as i dont seem to be able to get a hard back ( Haynes ) any ideas
  12. Just took advantage of the discount and took out 2 yr membership ,, do i have to do anything to use any of the premiun parts on the forum or is it automatic ? also membership number
  13. I hve justbought this A6 C5 tdi auto great car . my problem is were are the dipsticks for oil and auto box, what could be the oil F/O/S if so the handle has been snapped off I also want to fit my parrot hands free system , which needs the radio out ,but how do i remove it i have tryed to get a manual but no joy , i did buy one off ebay but it was corrupt