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  1. Mine's the same, I just thought that's how they are, had it nearly 3 years and never used any coolant, but heater never gets hot, just warm.
  2. I noticed today, after nearly 3 years of ownership, that if I drive with my DRLs switched off, the numbers on the speedo and rev counter don't get backlit, and remain grey. With DRLs on, or headlights on, the numbers light up white. I assumed they lit up all the time! Can anyone else confirm if theirs does this? A3 8P, Adaptive headlights, not auto, with led DRLs.
  3. That sort of makes sense, but where is the rubbing noise coming from?
  4. I have a 2.0 Tdi (CFFB engine) and recently it has started stuttering or missing slightly form cold. It's like a cough, it feels low on power and happens at about 1/4 to 1/2 throttle. Once it has warmed up and I've put my foot down a bit, it seems to go away. The stutter is accompanied by a rhythmic sound, not loud, but it almost sounds like something rubbing. Car has done 89k, full service history. I've had it from 65k. Recently had a new fuel filter (it was doing it before this was changed). No fault codes, and none pending. Anyone with similiar problems or suggestions as to where to start looking. It's by no-means undriveable, but it's annoying and clearly something is not right.
  5. I've used Fabsil, but had better results with Renovo Ultra Proofer. And FWIW I use a Lint roller to get the particles and fluff off the soft top.
  6. Hi Phil, yes, I used rattle cans, Hycote Wheel Silver was the colour, came out much darker than I expected, but it's grown on me. I took a lot of time prepping the wheels, loads of time rubbing down and filling the kerbing and scuffs. There are still a few areas where you can see minor imperfections, but you have to look very closely to see them. I used a proper alloy wheel filler, and deflated the tyres so I could do the edge of the rim. I used playing cards tucked inside the bead to mask the tyres off. It was a lot of work and I sometimes wish I'd paid £300 to have them done properly, but when I kerbed one a month later, at least I could repair it myself!
  7. Hi, I did mine myself, went for a darker grey as I don't like black (it hides the wheel design imo). Don't think I did a bad job, took about 6 hours per wheel, and used about a can of lacquer per wheel. However, I'm still not entirely happy with them (perfectionist), but that said, they do look just as good 12 months later!
  8. Also nice to see another Keith on here!
  9. I had this issue years ago when I put washing up liquid in my screenwash. It appears it went off, and started to smell. FIxed by flushing through with water, then using quality screenwash. Took a while to clear though.
  10. greysquirrel

    My A3 Cabriolet

    2.0 Tdi S-Line with a few subtle mods. Owned for last 18 months, and still loving every minute!
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  12. Wheels off, Wire brush, Smooth Hammerite, Job done!
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