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  1. Hi, I have same car and engine and almost same age. To diagnose the thromostat, if you are stuck in traffic, does it stay at 12 o'clock, and if you start driving say, above 50mph for 10 mins, does it go down to 10 o'clock? If so, the thromostat needs replacing. I did mine two weeks ago and now it stays on 12 o'clock all the time Also, check your oil level on these engines, they can burn 1 litre of oil for every ~600 miles (as stated in the manual). I do not have a high pitched noise in 2nd gear btw.
  2. I use autoglym stuff, and Simonez wheel cleaner and shampoo. I have read that Collinite 476 wax goes well on top of Autoglym super resin polish, so I will try that soon
  3. Hi Ian, I really don't know. I'm doing the long runs as well as the Redex (I bought a 4 pack from Costco, so I'm set for at least 6 months). But I really don't know if Redex helps. From what I've read, it doesn't do any harm... unless someone on here has better/more proven experience with Redex?
  4. Thanks all. I bought the original part today. Although, I did find a Hella branded one on Amazon for £43, but I had already purchased the original part by then. I'll let you know if I manage to fit it successfully - I need to take the front bumper off - Yikes!!!
  5. Hi, I need to replace the A/C pressure switch on my Audi A4 (B7) cabriolet. The local Audi dealer is quoting £79.60 for an original part. My question is, is it worth paying the extra for this original part, versus £33.88 from GSF (no brand mentioned)? I don't mind paying the extra if it's worth it... Thanks! Sammy
  6. Mine has the same, it looks normal to me
  7. I have used the heated washer jets fuse successfully on my 2008 A4.
  8. Quote I got a month ago from my audi dealer was £170 for the key, and then roughly the same again for the labour. I recently got a spare key from an independent key specialist - Car Key Solutions in London. It's not an official Audi key I think, but looks and feels identical - that was £165 all in, including coming out to you to do the work. I had a couple of issues with that, the remote buttons stopped working, but the Car Key Solutions customer service was top notch and they sorted it for me.
  9. Just an update to say I had a service (all filters and oil and plugs) and the stat was replaced. Running really nice now. I will use RedEx for the next few months, can't hurt...
  10. Thank you 🙂 Looks like I need to to a clean and protect routine a couple times per year. I'll give these products a go. I know you must be thinking "why doesn't this guy just Google it?!" But I had already done that, I was wondering if there was some sort of professional protecting option people has used, that they could recommend. 'I'm not a lazy forum user, honestly gov' 😀
  11. I just received my car yesterday having changed a stick thermostat (same symptoms as you). It's running perfectly now. My car is only a humble 2.0TFSI, the genuine VAG stat cost £48, plus 1 hour labour. I had the car serviced at the same time, and just need to take it out for a good long fun run!
  12. Hi, I recently bought a 2008 A4 Cabriolet, which had previously been stored in a garage. As such, the roof is pristine. I don't have a garage so I would like to protect the soft top roof as much as possible. Can anyone recommend a treatment, to prevent algae, and for general protection in wetter seasons? I don't mind paying for a professional job if such a thing exists, or doing it DIY. Thanks! Sammy
  13. Hi, I found this tag attached to the lower dash where the manual lives. Can anyone tell me what these codes mean? Thanks! Sammy
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