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  1. I have done 135k miles on manual A6 c7 2014. I have the same problem but its not too bad, first release clutch a little bit (biting point) and then gas, once you get to the biting point you can even floor it without any shaking/vibration. Its common prob with manual gear box.
  2. Hello, I have 2.0 TDI audi c7. I have engine management light on. When i scan for error codes i get dpf bank 1 above threshold. Recently, i got my dpf cleaned, i was told by mechanic that it wasn't bad but still he carried out forced regen and everything. -no limp mode -regenerates every 200-250 miles -soot mass calculated/measurd below 25g. -45mpg combined mileage (not bad) But i have noticed that sometimes soot mass measured goes in negative value. And at idle my dpf sensor voltage is above 1V. I dnt understand why my engine management light is on because of dpf although my car is not in limp mode i have done about 1000+ miles with warning light on. Could someone plz help me to get rid of engine management light? Thanks.