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Found 52 results

  1. Hi folks. So i need some help as I'm still having trouble confirming the part number for the bottom rubber spring seat, all I've got is Part No# 4F0412066 but there's not a lot of info on the web which leads me to believe its either the wrong part number or there's a new part number for it. I've found that part no# 4F0412109 is the Top spring seat but is it the same part no for the bottom spring seat? Dealers wont tell me! I'm just missing this last bit before i can build my shocks & springs up.
  2. So I managed to flatten my battery other day got it running again but just feels lack of power when I put my foot on the throttle feels like limp mode, that is tell I get to 3k revs and the turbo kicks and away I go. Unfortunately i do not have a scanner or no anyone with 1 anyone else have this issue and how did you fix it thank you
  3. Hi, Does anybody know how I can change the small display (as circled in the attached image) to show me how many miles remaining in my tank. I have tried to press the right stalk but that only resets the trip counter. I have also tried to hold the right stalk and it also resets the trip counter. I have tried pulling the right stalk and that does nothing. At the moment the display is showing me the speed, however I don't know how I got it to show this as previous it was showing ">ne<". Regardless, all I want to know is how to change this display to show me the fuel range. I am driving a 2006 Audi A3 2.0 TDI S Line. It comes with the multi function steering wheel and also the Audi Navigation Plus head unit. Not sure whether I use either of those to change it but if you guys could please help.
  4. Hi I've recently bought an a3 (2007) 2.0 TDI sline don't really have a great idea as to what I'm doing when It comes to this told it was best to use a forum and get some help I'm after some coilovers/lowering springs that fit but not a clue where to start looking as I don't want to be paying too much. I'm also unsure as to where would fit them if I did find some. Thanks for your help
  5. I’m planning to remap my Audi A3 2.0 TDI 8P and also at some point install a K&N Induction Kit. I was wondering if anybody could give me advice on whether there’s any benefits of installing these in a particular order? (i.e. remap then induction kit or induction kit then remap)? Or does it even matter at all? thanks in advance.
  6. I am looking to test drive and buy a 2012 Black Edition Audi A5 Auto 3.0 S-Tronic. The car has done 166k on the clock which I know is high mileage but has full-service history with services every 18k at Audi dealer garage. I have been told that I should ask Audi about the chain but they say its not a serviceable part. Then others say that it should be changed with such high miles. I don't know who to believe or what the costs of a change would be. Any help appreciated or things to ask/look out for appreciated.
  7. I have a 64 plate 1.6 tdi and the engine management light has been on since I bought the car in Feb 2019. The error code comes up as dpf but I have had it done countless times and the light still come back on. On my last attempt at Halfords, they said the engine rumble/ vibrates at 4k revs. Anyone knows what could be the issue. It drives perfect and pulls like there is no issue
  8. I am currently in the market for a late Audi A6 C6 Le Edition. I have test driven a 2010 and this is my time driving a Audi ( currently driving a BMW).The car was very smooth, changed through the gears with no issues and the no noises from the suspension, as this is a big heavy car. Below is a list of things to look for and problems, I have found. Air conditioning faults Feel for water ingress in the boot (particularly behind left hand trim panel),Clonks over bumps/hard lock front ARB bushes There's a small weakness in the flap system within the inlet manifolds that will throw an engine light.Later cars ~2010 on don't suffer from this. 6 speed tiptronic box is very tough with any sort of problem rare but an oil change at 100k is often recommended as a bit of preventative maintenance. DPF 120,000 miles EGR 100-150,000 miles Inlet Manifold Swirl Flaps 100,000 miles Suspension 120,000 Cup holders dry as there is a ECU underneath Is there anything else I should look out for.
  9. Hi. New member here. On my second Audi, 1st was a 1990 100 turbo type44 saloon. Now I own an 2008 A4 Avant B8 V6 tdi s-line in Meteor Grey (as well as 2 other VAG vehicle's). Already posted about my Multitronic issue. Which is concerning me. All the best Andy
  10. Hello, I have 2.0 TDI audi c7. I have engine management light on. When i scan for error codes i get dpf bank 1 above threshold. Recently, i got my dpf cleaned, i was told by mechanic that it wasn't bad but still he carried out forced regen and everything. -no limp mode -regenerates every 200-250 miles -soot mass calculated/measurd below 25g. -45mpg combined mileage (not bad) But i have noticed that sometimes soot mass measured goes in negative value. And at idle my dpf sensor voltage is above 1V. I dnt understand why my engine management light is on because of dpf although my car is not in limp mode i have done about 1000+ miles with warning light on. Could someone plz help me to get rid of engine management light? Thanks.
  11. Hi i am not an Audi owner yet, but hopefully will be soon, definitely looking to buy one. I require assistance to see if a car I am looking to buy is a good deal It’s a 2015 A4 3.0 Tdi 272 bhp. I am quite new to Audi’s and not sure what to look out for and if it’s worth me getting this spec. ideally I wanted the 365 cam and hud As well, and wanted to know if they can be retrofitted and a estimate cost Sorry for the long post and hope someone can help the optional spec list includes: 1. Equipment and design packages [WB3] Comfort and Sound Pack -[7P1] 4-way lumbar support -[9VS] Bang & Olufsen 3D Sound System -[3L5] Front seats, electrically adjustable -[4F2] Advanced key [WB7] Light & Vision Pack -[8IT] LED headlamps -[QK1] Camera and/or distance sensor (driver assistance system) -[QQ2] Extended LED Interior Light pk -[8Q3] Automatic headlight adjustment -[8SP] LED tail lamp assembly -[8X1] Headlight washers -[8G4] Matrix LED Headlights [WB4] Technology package -[IT1] Audi Connect, 3 years -[1XW] 3-sp leather mf sp sw -[9S7] DIS - 7" colour -[9ZE] Audi Phone box/wireless charge -[7UG] Navigation system - High -[I8H] MMI navigation plus 3. Wheels/tyres [PQ5] 19x8.5J 10-V spoke alloys -[40W] Alloy wheels 8.5J x 19 -[HZ1] Tires 155/70 R14 ??? front tires 185/60 R14 ??? rear 10. Seats/seating comfort -[4A3] Heated front seats 11. Seat upholstery/leather trim -[N3M] Fine Nappa Leather 14. Steering wheels/gear levers/selectorlevers/controls -[2PF] 3-spk mf-sw flat-bottom 18. MMI® and navigation systems -[9S8] Audi Virtual Cockpit 22. Assistance systems -[UH2] Hill hold assist -[7X2] Parking aid at front and rear -[KA2] Rear view camera 5. Mirrors -[6XE] Ext mirr elec/heat/fold 8. Glass -[VW6] Privacy glass side&rear window
  12. Hi All, I am new to this forum, and i'm writing this to see if anyone can help me diagnose a problem with my car, an Audi A4 B7. The problem i have is that the rear number plate lights are both not working. I previously had LED bulbs in them and randomly they both shut off, which is unusual because if a bulb is bad the one that's bad will turn off. I changed the bulbs for some original halogen ones and still nothing. Only when i start the engine they turn on and the boot must stay closed to keep them on, as soon as i open the boot they both turn off and refuse to come on. Then if close the boot, turn the lights off and on again from the inside switch, absolutely nothing. I then looked for a fuse and couldn't find one, i removed the comfort module fuse (20amp yellow), and reinstalled it to have the bulbs turn on again. If i turn the engine off and return later on they don't come on, and i need to remove the fuse and reinstall the fuse again to turn them back on. Also if i swap the bulbs for different ones they work, but the same problem persists they turn off when the engine turns off and don't come back on. I've had this problem for a couple of weeks, and wondering if anyone is having the same problem or knows a way round this, as the MOT is also coming up soon. Thanks Suhail
  13. Jack P


    My A3 SLine. Her name is Lightning.
  14. Selling my Audi A5 3.0L V6 TDI Black edition in grey. Full main dealer service history and MOT'd til september. Tyres replaced on front in August 18, Rear tyres replaced january 19. Stage 1 economy remap to improve fuel economy and boost power. Sat nav,Front & Rear parking sensors and rear facing reversing camera. Bang & Olufson sound system upgrade . Full leather interior and heated seats. Gearbox has been overhauled and mechatronic unit replaced with new model less than 10k miles ago so gearbox is like new. Test drives and viewings welcome on request. Next MOT due 23/09/2019, Full service history, Grey, 2 owners, Miles 57057. Mainly Motorway miles and very rarely driven around town. £17,400
  15. Hello Everyone I bought my Audi A6 C7 2012 last month it started making noise from the front suspensions this month I took it back to the dealer they changed lower arm both front but that did stop the noise knowing that it only does it if there is a road bump where the tyres drops or on motorway bump that makes the car raise high that when it does it what do you guys think? is it ARms or bushes or shock absorber please Help
  16. Hi, I need some advice on purchasing an Audi from a pre-approved used Audi dealership. I have fallen for an Audi A3 Black edition sportback TDI 2012, however it lacks a few features that I wanted. I have been searching for about a month for a black edition that ticks all the boxes, the pre-approved one has come near. Features I want: Cruise Control Audi navigation plus with an extended lighting cable. The Audi sales rep said that the specification I wanted is quite rare, as black editions are rare in themselves. He said I could go to an Audi service centre and they may retrofit the features. After contacting Audi and being referred to my local Audi service manager, I have yet to hear back from them in over 2 weeks. I am aware Audi will charge me substantially more, but it gives me peace of mind. Has anyone had features retrofitted via an Audi service centre? Should I just keep searching?
  17. HI all, I'm selling my A3 (Reason for sale is wife's ill health and no longer needing 2 cars), if you are interested, or have any questions, please message me. I am based in Guildford, Surrey. just under 79000 Miles Water pump and Cam belt last changed @56k Full service History 11 months MOT (pads and discs just done due to being an advisory on Latest MOT) £4995 ono
  18. Evening all! Already been on a few posts here but haven’t really described my car/mods. my Car is a 2008 3.0tdi Le Mans auto in Daytona grey all the usual spec and has the de chrome pack? Like black edition I think light sights pack xenons rear led front electric seat rear heated seats phone cradle ami mods so far rear led number plate lights back box delete remap I need to get the wheels refurbished and aren’t sure which colour to go. Dark grey, black or standard silver? Also I’ve seen quite a few people do the centre console wrap and like the black carbon shiny one :) love the car to bits and it’s definitely worth that but extra over the run of the mill mondeo. Does anyone know of any other little mods to make them shine? Cheers Tom
  19. Hi There I am looking to sell my 2007 (57) A6 Le Mans - which has a list of issues that I can list - but is still my daily drive today. Before I write any more though - just wanted to check if its appropriate to sell/advertise on here ? As said - it has issues - so if not appropriate to sell on here, some advice on what to do with it ? Many thanks in advance Mark
  20. Hi All, I ran my car on a dyno yesterday and was presented with some pretty interesting results. I am pretty annoyed, but also curious as to what I can do about it (if anything). I have an Audi A3 (2010) 2.0 TDI - 170bhp, which I had remapped around 2 years ago with Viezu tuning. I also have a few other mods (Miltek, BMC filter etc) but they do very little in terms of performance gains. So long story short, I took my car for a service around 2 months ago to my local audi dealer and when i got the car back it felt pretty slow again, not awful, but not great. Took my car to the Dyno and low and behold, i am back to 170 (Stock) with a pretty awful looking Dyno run (Not very smooth at all). Now i am no expert so i wanted to make sure the Dyno results were correct and I also need to understand what I can do in regards to Audi giving me some money for writing over my map. Please note, everything i take it in, i tell them not to do a software update, so they have either done it without telling me or even worse they have applied the emissions fix to my car which I have opted out of on a number of occassions. Can someone confirm, would a software update overwrite the map? And what is the best way forward? The company i took my car to were pretty decent they offered me a new map and dyno for £350, apparently they write there own maps from scratch and also sell maps to other providers. I was quoted around 210-215bhp other maps are quoting me around 225. Thanks P.s Dyno results attached.
  21. Hi guys,I have an A5 2.0TDI Quattro 190PS Black Edition Plus, November 2015. I bought it second hand from Audi with 8000 miles on the clock in January 2017. It is killing me on fuel!! I am getting around 200-240 miles per tank (60 litre tank) and no I do not floor it constantly. At it’s first service which was around 3 weeks ago I told Audi about my fuel efficiency. They did a diagnostics check and checked for any leaks and said it was all fine! They put it down to cold weather (even though the mpg has been awful for the whole year!), my driving and stop start traffic driving conditions. I got a remap put on the car last week in an attempt to help the fuel efficiency but it’s literally the same and hasn’t helped.This is not right, has anyone experienced anything like this? If anyone could point me in the right direction I’d be very grateful! Thanks in advance.
  23. Hey guys, It's time for a new car! I had an S3 a couple of years back but unfortunately due to a change in circumstance it had to go... But I've landed myself a new job and I'm looking forward to getting back behind the wheel of an Audi again I've decided on the A3 sportback 2.0 TDI 150 Black Edition, with the Tech pack and the Comfort pack. I just can't decide on colour! Brilliant Black or is the Mythos worth the extra £550? Any thoughts or recommendations about my choices are welcomed Any other black editions on the forum? I'd love to see your cars! Vince
  24. *** Reduced due to a time waster *** Please contact me if you would like to view or have any questions on 07973622823 £11,750 ono An amazing Audi A5 Sportback in very rare Lava Grey Pearl paint with full leather, heated seats and Bluetooth! Facelift Model - May 2012 Metallic pearl Lava Grey Full Audi Main Dealer service history - with next service free as part of Audi service pack!! 73,000 miles Manual 2 owners from new Lady Owner 2 keys All manuals present HPI CLEAR Good tyres all round Just had front brake pads done MOT April 2018 Tax October 2018 Only £30 per year tax!!! Amazing optional extra specification including: Full S-Line trim Fine Nappa Leather with S Line Embossing, Electric Front and Rear Windows Heated Seats Bluetooth Mobile Telephone Preparation SD Memory Rear parking Sensors (PDC) 18” 5 spoke alloys Factory Fitted Privacy Glass Auto headlights Auto Wipers Armrest Xenon headlights Deluxe 3 - Zone Climate Control Heated and Electric door mirrors Tailored Boot matt included Any questions please message me or call on 07973 622823 and I will get straight back to you - Viewing high recommended. No time wasters please thanks for looking
  25. Hi guys, I'm trying to source a starter motor for my A3 Sportback BKD 2.0tdi 140bhp 2006. Having taken my current one off to count its teeth and check its model, I can confirm it has an 11 tooth count and is Valeo branded. Please see attached photos for evidence of current starter. Eurocarparts suggest that there are 4 different brands and two different fitment types for this vehicle. Unfortunately, none of these match what I currently have. The following starters are available on eurocarparts: Fitment 1 RTX: 10 teeth ,1,7 KW Hella: 10 teeth ,1,7 KW Bosch: 10 teeth ,1,7 KW Fitment 2 RTX: 12 teeth, 2 KW Lucas: 12 teeth, 2 KW All models offered have the same flange & lengths in mm. Could anyone shed any light on which to buy? I'm limited to buying a factory refurbished one rather than from a breakers. Cheers.