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  1. Newbie here!!
  2. The following stuff cleaning kit with soap, spray, glass cleaner, wax, brush, microfiber cloths, wash mitt will help your boyfriend to keep the car always clean and shiny. I wouldn’t buy in your case something expensive which he most probably doesn’t need it. All these things mentioned by me you can put in a hand made basket from The baskets from this website already contain bottles of wine or beer. So, it is going to be a double happiness, because you bought gifts not only for him, but for his baby was well. Check what kind of gift baskets they have available right now and order soon.
  3. Anyone went travelling overseas with a 13 coming 14 months old baby before? What did you have to bring like bath tub, sterilizer etc. And also how to cook porridge for my son when I bring him overseas? Appreciate advices out there, many thanks in advance.
  4. Hello, friends! Are there such lovers that take photos of their car each day? 🙂 If not, then greet me, as I shoot my car every day, seriously 🙂 Simply I've got a new DSLR camera and I'm so pleased by the quality 🙂 You simply can't imagine, however, does anyone of you use some accessories for it? Gimbals? Glidecams? Just curious 🙂 Share the photo of your Audi 🙂
  5. That's why your fridges don't have a long life - you don't clean, you don't maintain, you don't care about it and you end up spending unnecessary money. If you buy a quality built fridge and maintain it properly it can work for years and years. This is referred to all the house appliances as I see a lot of people throwing them away and buying another one and repeating the circle. If there are people that realize that, the next time you'll buy an appliance, think about the quality, not about the money, it will turn out a better deal. I had to throw away a few fridges also until I learned this lesson and finally invested in a good one from Learn from the mistakes of others.
  6. Nice, I would like to join too the next time. Hope you'll post an announcement here. Cheers!
  7. I don't have the Audi one but I use a Handpresso Auto Hybrid 12v travel coffee maker. I bought it mainly for traveling but then left it in the car and start using it as a car espresso machine. It makes good coffee. I don't think the taste and quality depends on the coffee machine because they all work in the same way. The type of coffee you use is what matters. I bought an Italian Eureka coffee grinder (find more) and I buy the coffee from Italy. It's expensive but I don't drink crap. I'd better pay some more money but drink a tasty coffee than pay less for crap.