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  1. I hope so too mate! I've spent enough this week on the car had to get 2 new tyres, which i bought Bridgestone and then the battery went and now this. Everything all at once. Typical
  2. Hiya Gareth! That cost for timing belt is from when I had a Volvo c30 which now im realising Audi is just simply alot more expensive to repair? The quote is from a garage I've used before and they seem to be honest and decent. I did look to see how much the timing chain kit is for my car and I rang a couple of garages they both said that does sound about right with the cost and hours of labour. As you can imagine I thought I better get some other quotes and advice. I've managed to get some money together and its booked in for next tuesday. The mechanic did say I cant say how many miles you've got left, but you should be ok for next few days as it's not making any loud rattle at start up. Hes also chaning the vvt pulleys, I'm sure he said that's about 150+vat. That's included in the 840. You've been very helpful mate. This forum has been great! Thanks
  3. I've made a few phone calls to other garages and they all said it around about that price. The positive side is atleast I now know what the problem is. The price of owning a car eh!?
  4. Also my mechanic has said it's just got the timing chain no belt
  5. So the timing chain has stretched and loosed. I've been quoted £840 for new timing chain, dvt pulleys that including vat and labour. Am I being ripped off? As I know a timing belt plus pump is about 250+
  6. From what I have researched I think it is more likely to be that, my mechanic is currently checking it all out. Do you have any idea what the cost would be? For a replaced tappet? I'm not 100% sure on the belts but what you said sounds about right.
  7. Hiya Gareth Thanks for the feedback. I've just found out that my car has both timing belt and chain, this seems to be true when you look this up. There seems to be no sign of the belt ever been replaced so maybe it's the belt. Or it could be the hydraulic lifters otherwise known as tappers. This has been happening for about 8k miles but funny enough everytime I shown someone the noise isn't there (typical!) It is booked in so I will let you know for future reference on here. I also have a recording of it just not sure how to upload it in here
  8. I need advice please! I have a audi a3 57plate 1.6 petrol 77k on the clock has a timing chain. For the past 6 month every now and then when the car is warm around 1000 to 2000 revs I can hear a tapping noise it seems like it comes from the left side of the engine, I've checked my oil and all seems ok. Wondering if anyone has had a similar problem.