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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, just bought an Audi A3 Sport 1.6TDI (66 plate) - but its the new shape. My question is, when I put it in sport mode it sounds very loud and revs go up into the red before it changes gear. On top of that, even though its a lot louder in sport mode and a bit faster on the acceleration, it's still lacking quite a bit on torque. Is this normal? Thanks Biggsy
  2. Good morning, I have had an issue with my A3's air conditioning for about a year now.. i've just never needed to really get it sorted because.. well it's England, how often do you use Aircon haha. The Audi A3 I have is the SE TDI 1.6l 2013 model. Basically, it was working fine - air blowers normal and then the air flow turned ice cold when I turned A/C on. On a road trip to Newcastle last April I turned the A/C on and.. nothing. The blowers were fine but everytime I pressed the A/C button, the red LED came on as I pressed down on the button but the second I took my finger off the red LED went off. So, I thought I would take it to Halfords for a quick regas.. they regassed it and kept the thermometer in the vents to check the temp. It filled it and in doing so it meant that the red LED stayed lit after I had taken my finger off which lead me to think that it had simply ran out of "gas" in the A/C. But, it still wasn't going cold. Fast forward a year and I am still in the same predicament - Red light comes on and stays on but the blowers don't change air temperature at all.. not fun in this recent hot spell that we have had. And with two roadtrips coming up (one from Manchester to Newquay in August) I am looking ahead to trying to get this sorted in advance. Had a quick check around the car last night - now I must admit I am a complete novice when it comes to anything mechanical like this but I am pretty good at learning stuff and being able to fix simple things myself - I know where the fuses are and all that sort of stuff so I am not completely useless but definitely no expert. I identified what I am pretty certain is the compressor in the engine, driven by a belt at the front left of the engine. This belt is constantly running when the engine is on - not sure if that should be the case (i'd presume it should only be on when the A/C button is on?) but there is definitely a high pitched whirring sound added to the engine noise when the A/C button is pressed and i am 99% certain it is coming from what I think is the compressor so... in my eyes I am pretty sure the compressor is working as it should. My original diagnosis is that there could be a leak where the "gas" (sorry I don't know the name for it atm) in the A/C is just completely leaking out when filled. This is backed up by the fact that I think the compressor works as it should when it is pressed and having it refilled enabled the red LED light to stay toggled on when pressed as opposed to going straight out when you take your finger off the button. Audi want £60 just to look at the car and that's before they quote me a ridiculous price to change something that's probably quite rudimental. Any ideas? I looked at the fuses last night but I couldn't get the aircon one out (need some needle nose pliers) but with it sounding like the compressor is activating when the button is pressed I can't see it being an issue with the fuse or else nothing would happen, would it? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Lee
  3. I need advice please! I have a audi a3 57plate 1.6 petrol 77k on the clock has a timing chain. For the past 6 month every now and then when the car is warm around 1000 to 2000 revs I can hear a tapping noise it seems like it comes from the left side of the engine, I've checked my oil and all seems ok. Wondering if anyone has had a similar problem.
  4. Hey Guys, New to the forum, here's 2018 Audi A3 1.6 tdi, I made a wee video on it if anyone would like to check my video out? I love the blue colour... Thomas.
  5. Hi guys just wondering if someone could help me out. I have an Audi A3 2008 1.8 turbo. Lately the engine warning light comes up also epc light and suddenly lose power! Anyone has an idea or happened it before. Took it to a car mechanic had it diagnosed but nothing . It shows leak in somewhere but they couldn’t see any leak .
  6. If i am on the way,and need to stop somewhere(lights,crossroads),i feel some slight tremor on the car someone has an idea?
  7. Dear Audi Forum Members; Thank you for reading my post. I am a complete beginner, I barely know the layman version of what I need to buy and take to the garage to fix. Please be kind to my description of the symptoms of my vehicle. I have an Audi A3, 2005/2006 Model. Initially, when I use the key fob to unlock the vehicle, my right passenger side door did not open. For some reason, I would use the key fob a number of times and it was jammed. Then after a few weeks, when I use the fob, the same door won't lock. I can hear a whirring noise but every door beside this one would lock. I have to press the button a good 10x and hope it made a sudden locking noise and then I would check if it had locked. If this fails, then I would have to wait in the car, turn the car on, wait 5 minutes and rinse and repeat for the door to lock. A new symptom is when I am in the vehicle, and I press the fob to lock when I am inside, pressing it a number of times, turns the light off and also the actual switch for locking all the doors on my driver's side of the door. Hoping someone could advise, what it could be. I have already called an electrician, and they said its £50 just to look at the car without even diagnosing the problem. Please Help. Thank you Bengalisama
  8. Dear Audi A3 8P owners and fans, I recently purchased an Audi A3 . I am a in doubt about the model and year of my car due to different websites are showing different results for number plate and VIN number. I was unable to identify the same trim and engine seize (1.6 petrol) on other similar cars. Can you please help me identify more details(HP, year model, level of trim) for my car? Please find attached a photo with all the car details from the trunk. Thank you! Regards, Mario
  9. Hello, I am an owner of an audi a3 1.6 2007 for 5 years now and I have been very happy about how reliable and durable this car is. Right now I am thinking to make an upgrade to an audi a3 again with the 1.8 or 2.0 tfsi engine from 2009-2011. Are these engine reliable and durable enough? will I have any major problems with them?
  10. Hi there, I know this question probably got asked so many times already but here it is again. I have an a3 8p 2005 standard model. Wanting to change my front bumper to this bumper here (photo below) not sure what model that is. Just wondering if that'd would fit into my standard a3. Thanks in advance
  11. Brought my first ever Audi A3 TDI e Sport!! Thought I'd say HI
  12. Hi, I have a 1999 Audi 1.8t and for the first hour or so of driving seems to lose all revs and cut out while depressing the clutch coming up to lights or a junction and even when dropping down into second gear if the revs are not high enough. It seems to just lose all revs and cuts out but yet the car starts straight up again, Yet if I put the car in neutral coasting up to a stop it's usually fine. What is this?
  13. What lowering springs do people recommend for for an Audi A3 FSI 8P ( 55 plate ) ? Cheers,
  14. I have a 2003 Audi A3 2.0TDI which has just been diagnosed as having a cracked piston head I have been told that to purchase a brand new part it will cost around £1000 for the part and then there's the labour to add on top. I have also been told from a different mechanic that I might be as well to purchase another engine and get that fitted instead of replacing the part itself. What would you guys suggest I do? Another question I have got is would I have to get the exact same 140bhp engine as the one that is has now? I have seen on eBay a few 2.0TDI A3 engines that are producing around 180bhp standard, obviously my car only has a 140bhp turbo (this is a fairly new turbo, only been fitted around 2 months) so would this not work? I am aware that I can pull this engine out of SEAT's and VW's etc so another option I have would be to purchase a spares and repairs car that has the engine I need which runs fine but has been smashed up at the back and take that engine? I really don't want and don't have the cash to buy another car so would like to be able to get this one back on the road as cheaply as possible whilst at the same time not cutting any corners... Any help and recommendations would be appreciated!
  15. Hi guys, had my A3 a few months now and starting to crave more power. Thought I'd see what sorta help is around on here.
  16. Hey guys, this is my first post here so bear with me! So in a bid to get a bit more mechanical knowledge I've decided to (try to) rebuild an engine. The 1.8T found in the S3/A3 8L to be exact! So my end goal is to clean out, strip and rebuild the engine but I also want it to be improved. I was thinking of the future and I would like to fit it into an A3 Quattro to make a sort of road legal race car! So I was thinking of rebuilding the engine with forged internals, getting a better turbo and generally just making it better from the basics. Money isn't really an object as I want to do it as a project when I get chance which will usually be on weekends. Now for the bad news: My mechanical skills go about as far as servicing the car and fitting aftermarket parts such as exhausts, filters, etc. Although I know how an internal combustion engine works, I have no idea what a lot of people mean when they are on about honed boring and all that stuff. I have no clue if it improves the engine or what. So I guess overall I have three questions: Where could I start? Is there a book someone can recommend. List what tools I'll need and generally how difficult it will be. Is it worth putting it in an A3 since it will be completely rebuilt or is it worth getting an S3 to put it in? I'm not 100% sure of the differences in terms of suspension and brakes between the two! Generally I don't care about that stuff since it will all be more than likely replaced anyway as I build the car up afterwards. Is there another engine you recommend to put into the A3 instead? I was only thinking the 1.8T since it's built for the car and it would be easier for me being a beginner! Any help will be greatly appreciated and I look forward to becoming an active member of the forum and getting to know you all! Josh
  17. Reluctantly selling my Audi A3 due to house purchase. Looking for £5,200. Located in Kent.With just over 90k miles on the clock, full service history (majority from main dealer) this is truly a luxury car.The Audi is top of the line A3 comes with all the Sline features plus benefits of the special edition touches: Full Leather Climate Control 6 CD changer Rear Spoiler Sports Kit 200bhp Chrome Touches throughout Quattro The car runs like clock work and never misses a beat. Starts first time and drives so smoothly. The paint work is in perfect condition and the Red really pops, not flat like some reds. Inside the leather again is in fantastic condition, climate control works like it should and no warning lights on. It has a trip computer so you can see MPG, Average MPG, Distance until empty, radio station and temperature.All in all this is a solid car. If your looking for the right balance between luxury with power this car certainly ticks the box.Car currently located in Tunbridge Wells. Please email me at if interested.
  18. Greetings to all. I recently imported an white Audi A3 (8P1) 2011 1.2 TFSI S-Line from the Netherlands. Before that I drove a black Seat Leon 1.6 16v Sport 2001, also an import. I've been the only owner and it has done me for 198.000 miles, but now it's time for it to retire, it's getting to expensive to maintain. Hopefully the Audi will last me a while as well :) I love my new Audi and despite it's small engine, still packs a punch when needed. It does an average of 43MPG on my daily commute (64 miles). While I'm here I'd like to ask a question: This Audi, because it's an import, is of course fitted with Left Hand Drive Bi-Xenon's which means I'm blinding everyone. This is because of the cut-off shield inside the projector unit of the headlight assembly, which creates the beam pattern with the light kicking up to the right, shining people in the face. I'm looking into replacing the projector part of the assembly to make it suitable for RHD, making it so that the light kicks up to the left. Does anyone here have experience with EU to UK conversion and or know which parts I would need to order to do this? I'm struggling to find if I need D2S, D2S mini or D3S projectors. The original brand is Hella and what I believe they are, D3S projectors, but I can't confirm this. Or is it as simple as taking out the projector and replacing the shield with RHD ones? I can't seem to find shields to order anywhere on the web. Any information is welcome!
  19. Basically when i change up through the gears theres like a weird whirling type noise that i can hear and when i hit over 3000 rpm the engine goes into a kind of limp mode and have no power untill i restart the engine and its back to normal? any ideas?
  20. I own an Audi A3 1.8T Quattro which is 10-years old and is in perfect condition. There have only been two owners and I have owned this vehicle for the past 9-years. I have both sets of original keys and full set of manuals are in perfect condition. I’m looking to sell this fantastic vehicle to a similar owner to myself to continue driving the car with respect. Vehicle details are; First registration: 01/10/2002 Mileage: 80,000 miles Fuel: Petrol Servicing: Full service history MOT: until Sept 2013 Car tax: until Feb 2013 Expected price: £3200 Photos are attached. I can be contacted via this forum or directly 07747 429596.