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  1. Hi Gareth, Bearing in mind what you said I spoke to Audi UK Customer Services and was advised my action would not impact on the warranty. So I am taking no further action. Incidentally, the first service is due in 255 days or 9000 miles according the info from my car. Thanks. Kind Regards Peter
  2. Hi, Thanks for the response. I contacted the dealer who told me to ignore and just reset it. Which I did. Kind regards Peter.
  3. I had a warning on my display saying ‘ change oil within 29 days.’ I was surprised as my car is just under a year old and with only 1000 on the clock. On the phone the garage told me it must be a glitch and reset it. Has anybody else had this issue?
  4. I recently bought a new Q2. Very pleased with it except one thing - the UTR. To start with trying display both cameras on my Windows 10 PC was very difficult, I could only get the front camera. I eventually found some media software that showed both cameras. Carefully looking at the recordings I realised there were big gaps with nothing recorded. The other day I went on a two hour trip which involved stopping at a friend's house going for meal and then returning home. All that showed on the cameras was me leaving my house and arriving back- nothing in between. Short trips in my area are recorded fine. Has anybody else experienced this problem ?