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  1. Thanks, I guess I’ll have to. Appreciate your help ..
  2. Thanks , no there’s no smell or smoke. The garage guy asked me to use the deisel injector fluid which I did as well then he used some sort of liquid as well to flush the system out. I have left it over night with him so he can see and when he returned the car was fine(obv running) then again we are back to square one next morning. He asked me to have it serviced so I did. He’s changed some fuel sensor thing too.
  3. I have an Audi A1 at 69,000 mileage, It’s passed it’s mot, I even got the service done but I still have the same problem. When you start the car first thing in the morning, it’s shakes like someone is hitting it with a silent hammer, almost like I am also shaking every second with the car. It’s not the vibration shake. I have had it checked a few times now but the problem is once I start driving it, it works fine and doesn’t do that so by the time I take it to the mechanic - he doesn’t see what I see. It’s a diesel, manual ,2011 car.