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  1. Def no off roading, there has been some road gritting locally but the stone sounded much bigger, (pity it wasn't kept). As an aside I had the A/C re-gassed later the same day which did not fix the A/C not working well, so the car goes in next Wednesday and I'll ask him to have a good look underneath.
  2. Yes he showed it to my brother in law, he said around big marble size! It all ties up from what my wife said , below 20mph still there but quieter, accelerate and it is diabolical. Quite where it was trapped I don't know but under acceleration and the engine moving in its mountings caused the 'orrible noises. Unfortunately I didn't get to speak with breakdown guy, I surmised the drive shaft or may one of the pulleys was catching?
  3. Wife came home from driving the car saying there is a rattle that needs looking at, I'd driven it earlier and all seemed OK so didn't do anything. Yesterday she was doing the school run and in her words 'there is a terrible noise, I can't drive it, sounds like the exhaust has dropped off' so she left the car at her brothers house and came home. Called out the breakdown people and within an hour they were there, he was not allowed to test drive the car so my brother in law drove it up and down their drive while he listened. Fairly quickly diagnosed that a stone had become trapped on the engine undertray and was rubbing against the drive shafts presumably. Quite a good sized stone, he said there is a little damage to the undertray but otherwise all OK. I've come across stones trapped in the brake system before but nothing like this.
  4. Brilliant response, thanks for your help, I think the £1050 price is somewhere close to what I was told. So for half that amount and a few hours it would be worth it, to me anyway with narrow garage doors! Mike
  5. Can't help with the code problem but I would appreciate your input as to how difficult a job it was, were all the parts OEM? and some rough idea of what the cost was. I've looked at changing mine on an A3 and decided it was outside my capability, there was a company offering to supply and install but the cost was prohibitive. Mike
  6. Once you have softened the adhesive with the hair dryer and it still refuses to budge, try cutting the adhesive with dental floss or fishing line to 'saw' through. Best of luck, absolute worst scenario is the plate snaps.
  7. Hi and welcome, I have something similar to the one you bought except it's an auto. I was very undecided about the 'S' line, being concerned the lower suspension and larger wheels would give the car a harsh ride, particularly on some of the roads around here. Pleased to say the ride is perfectly OK and the bottomed off steering wheel is a good move. Hope you enjoy.
  8. I had something similar on mine last year but mine was petrol, the local indy checked it all over, couldn't find anything amiss and put it down the the catalytic converter. They recommended taking it our for a decent spin to clear the cat. and sure enough all OK. Seems if you do a lot of town driving this can happen. Best of luck.
  9. Have got out of the habit of washing the car of late, but since lockdown a lot more time on my hand. Anyway often thought that using snowfoam might save a bit labour, went and bought a Karchar snow foam applicator and 2.5L Turtlewax dual foam/hand wash shampoo, total under £30.00 via Amazon. The car wasn't massively dirty so gave it a good jetwash first, followed by the snowfoam (good thick coating) and left for 5 - 10 minutes. Soft jetwashed off, towel dried and was highly impressed. Very little effort, no buckets or mitts used so all in all very pleased. There is probably better equipment and foams around but the aroma for this product would take some beating. A bit like old fashioned bubblegum. Car colour is Monsoon Metallic Grey, just the photo making very dark
  10. This item from Latvia came with that part no Front Heated Windshield Washer Nozzels Sprayer Jet 4G0955988A For Audi A6 RS6 S7 | eBay If it is the correct item it is very cheap, almost certainly not OEM but maybe worth a shot. Its interesting that lots of the VW group have this system but not the A3, unless of course the latest model does.
  11. Hi Steve, The part no I quoted should have read 4G0955987A and the clip I was watching was: How to replace windshield washer nozzle Audi - YouTube Not yet located the part but I'll have a go.
  12. With the bonnet fully open, the driver's side nozzles are reasonably handy to insert a trim removal tool ( or even an old credit card or flat screwdriver would do) and the whole item pops out. It can only come out about 4" (100mm) before the plastic water pipes and heater cable stop it. I didn't undo the cable or the water pipe to take it out completely but they look simple enough. Putting it back is simple, just a gentle push and it clips back in. A replacement nozzle assembly of the 'curtain wash' design was quoted on a Utube clip as part no. 460955987A. That's as far as I got, except for a price off Ebay of around £18.00 for (I'm guessing) a non OEM part. I'll look a bit further into it, I was thinking only doing the drivers side.
  13. Well that was easy, just flip the nozzle holder out, move the nozzle to another direction, refit and re-test. Noted that the nozzles are heated? which I didn't know. Also whilst researching the problem it appears changing the 3 nozzle original arrangement to a VW 'curtain wash' is a simpl,e upgrade. No experience of the system but it is supposed to be superior and is also fitted to the SEAT models. Prices appear to be pretty cheap so I might have go one day. To be fair my OEM system seems OK to me, just this one nozzle spraying the overtaking cars!
  14. One of the nozzles (drivers side outer) needs very slight adjustment so that it at least hits the windscreen. Shocked to discover how difficult Audi has made it, tried with the bonnet half open and a large mirror using a needle to try to insert and then move slightly. Failed miserably and thinking there must be an easier way like taking the nozzle holder out from the bonnet and do the adjustment, put it back and test. Lucky that it is on the driver's side as access to the passenger side seems more difficult. Anyone help, particularly how easy it is to remove the plastic nozzle holder, I'm a little wary of of applying too much effort.
  15. That is a very good offer, £60.00 per corner for a decent set of rims and tyres. Should be snapped up.
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