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  1. That is a very good offer, £60.00 per corner for a decent set of rims and tyres. Should be snapped up.
  2. It was an option on a new car. Retrofit is possible but expensive but there are people who will supply and fit. It's something I would like but not yet had the wherewithall to pursue. Mike
  3. I raised the same question on our A3 Sportback, no way they would come off so I ended up fitting replacement tips from EBay over the existing ones. Looks OK and a cheap fix.
  4. No question Audi will refute any claims and will look for the slightest excuse to invalidate the warranty. Maybe there are highly paid lawyers out there who could win your case but their fees are going to be much more than the cost to rectify the problem. Do you know what the solution to rectify the problem? Good luck
  5. This 140 cm x 50 cm parcel arrived last night, stunned to find my replacement wiper blades inside. What a waste! Anyone beat that?
  6. Hopefully this is posted in the correct slot, if not I'm sure the moderators will tell me, but we have a spare parcel shelf from our 2007 A3 Sportback 2.0L, it is in excellent condition and currently listed on Ebay, see https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/254775319554. Anyone who is interested and a Forum Member would receive special consideration. Let me know if any further info. required, unfortunately couldn't find the OEM part numbers.
  7. Thanks Gareth, the Bosch Aerotwin along with Valeo were the ones that came as recommended, both saying 26" and 18". I like the idea of extending the wipers to check and will have a go tomorrow. Regards Mike
  8. Probably sounds daft but came to order new wipers and saw all makes are 26" and 18" long. Just checked what is fitted and they are 24" and 18" long and work fine. Anyone know why this might happen, do 26" long catch somewhere and the previous owner decided to reduce the length?
  9. Amazed how efficient the DVLA has become, in the space of four days I have bought a new car, received the new V5C, transferred my old ownership to my son, received confirmation of private plate change. I remember the old days of signing and posting and waiting. So good luck to them!
  10. Well, collected the car today, a decent run home on country roads and I'm well pleased with the ride and handling, so the question of which replacement tyres has almost one away. My problem at the moment is dealing with the entertainment centre, so far cannot find a way to play a CD. More research required!
  11. Hi Gareth, Have to admit the thought of RFT never entered my mind, sincerely hope not and no question they will not feature on the A3! I have owned a couple of BMW's with RFT and never again, one was a Z4 which would tramline and twitch all over, Regards, Mike
  12. Hi Gareth, Many thanks for your constructive reply, I have driven the 'S' line and was not deterred by the quality of ride but a short test drive is a poor substitute for long term use. I was hoping to find Audi giving an option but so far nothing. I collect the car tomorrow and the tyres are legal but will need replacing before too soon. If Audi do not recommend an alternative I can see an insurance problem in the event of an accident. Common sense says 'leave as is' I guess. Thanks again. Mike
  13. Upgrading my current A3 Sportback 2.0 SE to a 2015 1.4 'S' line and thinking of new tyres in the very near future. Currently fitted with 4 x 225/40 R18 and would like to change to 22/45 or even 225/50 at a pinch to provide a slightly less harsh ride. Anyone advise if this creates problems with speedo readings, handling or insurance issues. Thanks, Mike
  14. You can buy an aftermarket kit to replace existing with folding mirrors and the UK based company I looked at would also do an installation service. I decided not to bother too expensive and too far from me. I would think the wiring loom already includes for them but couldn't find out for certain. Look at these but there are others https://www.audiretrofit.com/
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