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  1. I assume you have scanned it for codes, if so put the scan on here so that we can help.
  2. Any chance of posting a video/audio of the noise, and the circumstances under which it occurs it may help us to diagnose.
  3. I assume it's an automatic? Could be a host of things. Really need a stethoscope, and car in the air to try and isolate it. Could be the heat shield, or exhaust not properly installed, etc.
  4. If you can get a spare car battery for a short while, then connect the spare battery before taking out old battery, to avoid disconnection of power. Fit new battery. Then disconnect the spare battery. Hopefully the car computer will never know that the battery has been replaced, and may just start charging after "learning" for a week or so.
  5. "with the usual hole in cylinder head" Why do you say "usual"?
  6. Unfortunately, another example of Audi designers trying to make basic DIY'ing as difficult as possible. Solar trickle charger may help while we are off the road. Never done the battery myself, but if you can find someone local with VCDS software, they maybe able to program the new battery for you for a fiver (£5) or a pint of beer.
  7. Hello I am after a DIY manual for my car. Ideally the sort of thing the dealers use. Any thoughts? Thanks
  8. "banned" - please elaborate
  9. Hi Also, the following might info help. Mileage, number owners, service history, etc. When does it judder, and under what circumstances. It would be fair to say that the Audi designers have made it as difficult as possible to DIY our cars.
  10. I agree. For that price, just get a genuine VAG one. Have you got a link for your write-up about the cambelt job. & Where's the best place to get genuine VAG parts?
  11. No. That would be for a non-VAG one. Would be better if you can use a VAG one, but I'm not sure of the price of that.
  12. Change the water pump while you are at it. (it's only about £30). It's false economy not to. If afterwards you find there are issues with the water pump, it may break the cambelt which will be expensive. If the pump doesn't last another 5/6 years then you'll have to pay all that substantial labour cost again.
  13. Hi Thanks for updating. I have a similar issue with cruise control and e-brake auto-release not working (see post link below) I wasn't sure whether the clutch pedal had a micro switch or whether the switch was in the clutch master cylinder. Did you replace the CMC (clutch mater cylinder) yourself or a was it done by a garage? If DIY is it a big job? How much did it cost? Thanks )
  14. Hi The cruise control doesn't work on the car - it won't even engage. The braking e-brake won't auto-release. Have to press on foot brake to manually release the parking e-brake. The car won't start unless I press the clutch pedal - which i assume is normal. Any thoughts what it could be? Thanks