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  1. Four years ago, after many years of driving Aston Martins, I defected to Bentley by buying a Continental GTC. I've just returned to the Aston Martin fold, and bought a 23,000 mile one lady owner DB9 Volante . It is impossible to describe just how right an Aston feels after the GTC. The Bentley was a great car ( what's not to like about a 200 mile an hour car with four wheel drive ? ), but the DB9 fits like a glove and drives like a dream. I've bought the Missus a very low mileage ( under ten k ) one owner S4 Quattro Avant V8 ( year 2007 ) in order to make her amenable to my spending nearly £50 k on the Aston, and she loves her Audi ( as do I ), so everybodys happy. Is there any reason to think that the S4 will become a classic ? Incidentally, having collected the Aston and driving home on the M1 with the top down, the growl of the S4 could be heard over the silky purr of the Aston's V12......,.at least until I accelerated !
  2. Hello Trevor, I'll certainly offer up a few words in the manner you suggested, although it might take a tad or two to cover it all. Insofar as offering a review of the Audi is concerned, well, I might have to get " 'er indoors " to do that since I bought it for her to replace her V8 BMW X5 when that got nicked. The Beamer was a cracker of a car, very fast and very stylish, but its petrol consumption was fearful - it even made the Bentleys thirst for petrol seem like a Duchess sipping Earl Grey at a Bishops tea party. The one specific comment I will make about the S4 though, is that it has vastly increased my !Removed! life ! After going out for a drive in it the wife comes home with a sparkle in her eye and a glow on her cheeks . By Jiminy, I'm then frequently dragged upstairs by the scruff of my neck with nary a moment to park my Montecristo. I tell you, amigo, when I hear that V8 turn up the drive I now go and hide in the potting shed ! Luckily, the dogs know when she's about three villages away since they can hear a finely tuned engine approaching from about five miles away ; so when they start kicking off I generally pick up the whisky decanter and make a bolt for the Petunia patch. The latest holiday venue we are considering are the Italian Lakes ; can they not be accessed via the Stelvio Pass ? Weatherwise the Lakes don't compare too well with the Cote d'Azure ( hardly surprising really, given their proximity to the mountains ) , so it is by no means a foregone conclusion even yet as to where we'll go. Ciao.
  3. Hello Trevor, Sure enough, the women in this household were able to overcome the registration difficulties I experienced yesterday. However, in order to offer a vehicle review one is required to submit too much personal information for my liking. What with vehicle cloning and identity theft ( the latter happened to me about ten years ago and I only put the repercussions fully behind me about two years ago ) I have a distinct aversion to disclosing personal information, especially since I retain all of my personal plates for transfer to successive cars. i am more than happy to offer a review of the Bentley for your chum but not in the manner you have requested. Sorry, but I'm sure you understand. PPS Having double checked with my wife who got the Portsmouth to Santander ferry crossing quote, she tells me that it was £940 even with an interior cabin ( they were no exterior cabins available even in mid September ). I'm comfortably off but even I blench at that price ! cheers.
  4. I've just tried to access your suggested review site but with no luck so far. I often seem to have problems with the " I'm not a robot " element, so I guess it's me and not the site itself. I'll get the womenfolk on it tonight ; they're much younger and more IT savvy than me. cheers.
  5. Hello Trevor, It sure expensive..........and the quoted price is that for a crossing in mid September, the first time I can get away this year. i have long considered both Germany and Austria as potential venues, but generally discount them since I cannot be sure of the weather there even in Summertime. Nothing really cheeses me off than going on holiday in a convertible and then having to keep the top up because it is raining - hence Portugal being considered. The two ragtops we own are generally only ever used when the Sun is shining, and in England that's getting less and less often, so a Continental driving holiday is when they come into their own. In the UK my wife and I switch between our Audi S4 Quattro Avant or an Alfa Romeo 156 GTA Sportwagon. Both are very fast fun cars to drive so we're quite happy to leave the drop tops in the garage until we have a holiday. Let me tell you an amusing story about the Aston and Bentley. I've had Astons for years . A second marriage to a much younger woman twenty years ago brought along my first sprog. The brat was quite happy being trundled around Europe every year in various Astons, but as she got older she got taller, as they do. Eventually, at about aged fifteen she started whinging about no leg room in the back of the DB9, and, moreover, she wanted to bring a pal on holiday with her. So, after many rows and temper tantrums ( mine, not hers ! ) I p/xd the Aston for the GTC. Our first holiday in the Bentley and we'd taken a pal of hers, Isobel along with us. Since Isobel was going on her family holiday at the end of the first week of ours, the plan was that her Dad would meet up with us wherever we happened to be in the South of France and he'd pick her up and take her back to the UK so they could start their holiday. We happened to be in Antibes and we agreed to to do the handover at a bar on the seafront for lunch on the Saturday morning. Expecting him to turn up in his Jaguar XK8 we were surprised when this beautiful triple black Mercedes C63 AMG growled up. He'd flogged the Jag for the Merc the day before and was running it in on the trip to us. My daughter took one look at the Merc. said " Forget about the Bentley, Dad, I want to go on holiday in the Merc. ! " and then buggered off back to England with her pal and her Dad. So, we had the Bentley for one week of the purpose it was intended for, and , having now passed her Driving Test, she's never been in it ever since ! Mind you, there was a happy ending, since I rang the Bentley dealer and promptly bought the Aston back from him ! Cheers.
  6. Although I have long since ceased to worry over the cost of petrol ( ownership of a Jaguar Series III convertible back in the '70s and many other multicylindered cars since then - never ever less than six pots ) anaethesised me against worrying about gasoline prices. However, getting a price for a ferry crossing with a car from Portsmouth to Santander really blew my socks into the long grass. It is £800 quid even for an inside cabin. So bugger that, I'm going back to the Cote d'Azure or even Tuscany. I'd still like to tour Portugal, but maybe I'd rent some wheels over there . As for what car I'd take, it depends if my 18 year old daughter wants to come. If she does ( and hopefully not ! ) I'd take my Bentley Continental GTC. If not, then we'd rough it using the wife's DB9 Volante............and against the GTC that really is roughing it.
  7. Having previously toured most European countries by car , I'm thinking of now doing the same in Portugal. Anybody got any feedback from their doing it ? .........especially re the ferry crossings. I'm not taking the Audi, but using a convertible for the purpose. Steve.