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  1. Hi, did you have any luck in finding a local group.? I’m in Bedford and asked the same question some years ago.
  2. I’ve put this post here rather than in the specific section devoted to the above model, because I am likely to get a less biased response,I hope. I’m going to get rid of a few cars because of poor health ( I had a mild stroke two months ago ). The ones under consideration are my Aston Martin DB9 Volante, Alfa Romeo Guilia Quatrofoglio, Alfa Romeo 156 GTA Sportwagon , Triumph Herald estate and my Audi as per above. These are the cars that my wife doesn’t particularly like driving. To keep a level playing field here, apart from the Herald and the Audi, all the others were bought new and ha
  3. Like most people over the past few months I have resorted to much internet surfing to alleviate the boredom. YouTube always used to be a good place to spend a few minutes, but now there are just too many adverts. Does anyone know of a similar alternative ?
  4. I live in a small Cotswold village of about five hundred people. Almost without exception the population is comprised of retired, middle class, executive management types who, in their day, worked for a multinational conglomerate which had its global head office a few miles away. The village is on a sharp bend which slows traffic down appreciably. We have had two accidents in fifteen years, both due to black ice. Despite this the villagers are campaigning for cameras, chicanes, speed bumps etc. I have no strong opinion on this, largely because I expect they are inevitable. Howev
  5. Thanks for your comment. I DO like my RS4 B8, even more than my Alfa Romeo Guilia Quatrofoglio. The Audi is more planted on the road, whereas the Alfa is skittish like a thouroubred racehorse. Let’s hope that the Audi doesn’t incur many other bills ! cheers.
  6. Some weeks ago I asked for help re a loud screech from the engine bay on my car. It has finally been identified and corrected. The pair of PCV valves ( part no’s. 079103209CB. and. 079103210E ). otherwise known as VENTHOSE. and. VENTHOSE RH had malfunctioned. One seemed to have stuck closed and this forced the other one to stick open. This caused excessive crankcase pressure. To replace they cost £119.08 each plus VAT and labour. The garage owner explained their function to me, but I’d struggle to describe it here. Frankly, I’m pleased that it wasn’t a new engine th
  7. I’m afraid I haven’t got any pictures. But I am still investigating it. Cheers.
  8. Right now I’ve got a loud screeching noise coming from the engine compartment of my RS4 V8. This starts a few minutes after the car is turned on, even when it is stationary. I’m hoping that it is nothing worse than just changing the belts. Earlier this year I had to have the suspension changed for new. Shortly after I bought it about 18 months ago, it required all discs, pads and callipers changing. I can’t blame the car for that, it was wear and tear. I threatened the dealer with legal action and he paid me £3000.00. I can’t remember what problems I had with my previous S4 V8,
  9. Curiously enough I wanted to buy a Merc in the first place, but I was looking for a quite rare one which I couldn’t find. I think I’ll sort my B8’s problems out and take it from there. Fortunately I have a very low mileage Alfa Romeo 156 GTA Selespeed Sportwagon under a dust sheet in my garage, so if the Audi goes !Removed! up I won’t be at a loss. thanks for your reply. Cheers.
  10. After some years of running BMW X5’s as my main car, some six years ago I changed to Audi’s. I had a S4 first, now followed by my RS4 V8. both of the Audi’s had some problems, but the B8 has cost me or the supplying dealer about £6000 since I first bought it 18 months ago. The B8 did haVe about 10,000 miles over its years when I bought it, but it was still less than 70,000 on the clock for what was then a six year old car costing £30,000. It’s history was fine and it looked great. The supplying dealer also specialised in S and RS Audi’s. I am now also faced with another likely to b
  11. Thank you, Gareth, for the further useful advice. Cheers, Steve.
  12. Hi Gareth, it is hugely useful to be told that the negative lead of the charger can be connected to any suitable metal earthed point. Thank you for that, I should have realised that, but WTF. So, if I were to bare the cable that passes from the hugely inaccessible Negative post into a point where it is screwed into the body work for an Earth, then that should do the job from the point of giving me a suitable Earth ? re charging - If I use a charger that has a trickle charge facility which detects the level of charge in the battery and then trickle charges to an appropriate level
  13. I live in a small village in the back of beyond. My house is on the village green and my drawing room looks out across the green to the busiest road, which carries very little traffic apart from tractors, combines etc. Imagine my surprise then, when on a nice sunny day late last month, I saw a beautiful Austin Healey 3000 going one way and a stunning Jaguar XK 120 going the other way. The Healey was painted pale blue metallic over Old English white, and the XK was in Obsidian black. Both had their tops down......as indeed they should have. What a truly gorgeous sight, eh !
  14. To either fully or trickle charge the above car one has to expose two posts within the engine bay, as is normal. One Negative, one Positive, of course. The Positive is relatively accessible, but the Negative is a perfect swine. A typical case of German over engineering. Apart from the fact that the N post is several inches below multiple metal pipes which make getting even a finger on to the wretched thing virtually impossible, it is then protected by two very awkward clips, one a relatively heavy duty clip, and the other a clip that has to be released in order to release the first clip.
  15. That’s a good idea, Gareth. Thank you.
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