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  1. Hi, knowing the Jaguar forum [ I used to be Chairman of the club ] I don’t think it’ll have half as many graphic designers, advertising men or publicity agents as this Audi forum. However, not having had much response here [ thank you for yours, by the way ], I will try another forum as well. I’ll try both the Alfa Romeo and Aston Martin forums since I am a member of both those clubs. As it happens, the subject matter of the pictures doesn’t matter. It could be cans of beans, packets of painkillers, or the latest Lamborghini. The name I am seeking is what the type of picture that is used to make presentations or obtain approval prior to being used for advertising, printing etc. Cheers.
  2. Hi, im afraid I’d need my teenage daughter to upload pictures here, and she’s in lockdown at Uni, but what they are really only 18 inch by 24 inch illustrations of various badges and scripts of Jaguars and Daimler’s over the years. I can’t even tell if they prints or originals. They are all beautifully done on dark brown artists board. I plan to sell them on eBay so would like to be able to title them properly. cheers.
  3. When recently clearing out the loft above one of my garages, I found a number of coloured illustrations printed on expensive card. They are all either Jaguar or Daimler pictures, mostly of the detail of wheel hubs, boot and grille badges etc. To me they look like design study drawings created possibly for approval at Board level. The previous owner of my houses was a director on the Jaguar board, and also a avid fan of the marque. He is long dead. i intend to advertise them on eBay, but don’t know what the commercial name for them would be. Any graphic designers or ad men out there who know what these things would be known as ? Thanks
  4. My gardener, a wise old bird, has told me about a weird thing that had happened nearly every night for the last couple of weeks in his garden He has two divergent paths that run parallel in his garden about four feet apart. One is made of paving slabs, the other of tamped gravel. In between is a strip of lawn. For some years there has been a well established bees nest sunk into the lawn right on the edge of the paving slabs. Every night, bar when it rains, something has built up over the entrance to the nest a circular layer of gravel about a foot across. It rises to a cone over the opening. He also says that the same white pebble is put on the top centre of the cone every night. Photographs support this. I’ve told him it is squirrels, but he has replied that he shoots these when he sees them in the elms bordering his garden, and anyway squirrels aren’t active at night. Anyone got any ideas ?
  5. Another thing I’ve noticed that has changed is this - Buyers nowadays seem to be much more reluctant to bid until the very last moment ; it never used to be like that . I think it keeps the bidding lower.
  6. Good point, Gareth. I did intend to be more specific, but I’m not entirely sure. My company car was a Ford Granada Ghia at the time, so does that make it the late seventies perhaps. Certainly the name Dum Dum does seem familiar, so I’ll try that. I do remember just how useful the stuff was. It did not stick to the fingers and remained infinitely malleable at all times. Thanks for the assist. Cheers.
  7. Some few years ago, we regularly took our baby in the back of our 911 convertible when touring Tuscany. I heavily modified the Porsche child car seat so it incorporated a blind over her head, and she always wore a tiny little white linen flying helmet, but she loved it. In fact, the only time she ever cried was when we took her out of the seat. The helmet was altered over the years for subsequent Tuscan tours in other 911’s and a couple of Aston’s. By the time we finally changed to a car with more rear seat legroom [ a Bentley ], she’d gotten out of love with the helmet and just preferred to let her hair flow behind her in the slipstream. Being blonde she attracted a lot of attention in Italy.
  8. I think that’s what they are called, you know, those large spring onion shaped outside heaters. Last night I sparked ours up to warm up the orangery prior to going for a swim in the pool. Some few minutes later the wife shouted “ Fire, fire “ and pointed back to the house where clouds of smoke billowed from the orangery. Galloping back to the House we discovered that the bottom had dropped out of the chiminiere and had set light to the wooden flooring just below it. When it had cooled off this morning I examined the !Removed! thing, only to discover that amongst the ashes there lay a perfectly round and symmetrical piece of iron which was a tad smaller than its counterpart inside the bottom of the spring onion. This made me wonder if these heaters come with a whole in their bottoms and a covering plate, perhaps for emptying. Anyone got any ideas ?
  9. In the olden days, car manufacturers, when they ran wiring thru the cars bulkhead from the engine bay to the cabin, either used rubber grommets or occasionally a soft, squidgy and bendy black mastic. This stuff always remained soft, squidgy and bendy. I have had many potential uses for it over the years but don’t know what it is called. I could use some right now to seal off some outside lights. Anyone know what it’s called ?
  10. Teenagers and reliability ? Just not possible. I myself have now seen the winder rotate in both directions. Curiously, though, I see it rotate much more anti clockwise than the other way, but at least it does swing both ways, if you’ll pardon the pun. cheers
  11. Hi Gareth, Thanks for your very helpful suggestion. I had no idea that such sprays we’re available, I shall certainly get some. The purpose of my original request for help is really just to brainstorm, so ideally I might find a solution, or alternatively I get enough ideas to talk knowledgeably with the the garage , thus permitting me not to be an idiot ripe for exploiting. Cheers, Steve
  12. By the way, to those of you who are trying to help me with the screech from my B8, it is a 2016 model. The 2006 was an earlier car. Thanks.
  13. According to the brochure it should rotate in one direction for two minutes and then stop for six minutes. It will then recommence in the other direction for the same time periods. At great expense I have bribed my teenage daughter to sit still and observe it. She says that it seems to comply with the time periods, but that she’s only ever see it go in one direction. She was, though, on her iPad for most of the time, so she may not be the most reliable observer. I guess I’ll have to watch it myself. Would it make any difference ? P.S. The watch second hand is turning, though, so that’s a start.
  14. Neither am I. Where did you see it ?
  15. During lockdown I have cleared out two garages with lofts above, one workshop, three storage sheds, one summerhouse, a potting shed and the house and attic above. I have found an enormous amount of useful stuff, some of it never even used. Ordinarily, this would all go to a local charity shop but they’re not open. So I’ve bought loads of wrapping paper and bubble wrap and am now eBaying it all. Most items find buyers but I am astonished at just how many people win the auction and then don’t pay up. Of course, they don’t get the item, but it is !Removed! irritating. eBay are useless in dealing with the problem ( I don’t think that they do anything at all ). Anyone else ever have this problem with useless buyers ?