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  1. Hi Mark l have owned both Skoda Octavia (4 years) Audi A4 (2 years) Both being faultless. Both with the 1.4 Engine. Arguably the Skoda a better all rounder ,apart from its cheap noisy suspension. As a 17 plate is out of warranty you may well steer clear of main dealers to keep the maintenance cost reasonable. You are correct about the oily bits being basically VW. Best of luck, you pays your money and takes your chance with any car. Mick
  2. Thank you Steve but l will just stick with car play for now
  3. 67 views but not one with an idea or answer. Bit disappointing.
  4. My a4 s line is approaching 3 years old with operational Audi Connect. The manual describes the on line map update . When l try to do this l just get no data available. Am l missing something or has Audi withdrawn this facility.
  5. Many thanks Gareth, you confirm my thoughts on this. For sale one 6 amp conventional battery charger, going cheap🤗 Regards Mick Butcher
  6. During the current Corona virus issue, vehicle use,particularly mine, is almost nil.i have a standard 6amp charger and there are conflicting opinions as to whether this is suitable for my vehicle or should l purchase a Maintainence charger. CTek or similar. I have the AGM battery with stop start. The car is garaged and so far no issues but how long before the battery needs a little help.