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  1. Thank you Steve but l will just stick with car play for now
  2. 67 views but not one with an idea or answer. Bit disappointing.
  3. My a4 s line is approaching 3 years old with operational Audi Connect. The manual describes the on line map update . When l try to do this l just get no data available. Am l missing something or has Audi withdrawn this facility.
  4. Many thanks Gareth, you confirm my thoughts on this. For sale one 6 amp conventional battery charger, going cheap🤗 Regards Mick Butcher
  5. During the current Corona virus issue, vehicle use,particularly mine, is almost nil.i have a standard 6amp charger and there are conflicting opinions as to whether this is suitable for my vehicle or should l purchase a Maintainence charger. CTek or similar. I have the AGM battery with stop start. The car is garaged and so far no issues but how long before the battery needs a little help.