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  1. Thanks for replying, i havent been able to find crankshaft sensor yet but I'll give it another try, ive no previous mechanic experience so im just feeling my way and learning as i go, so sorry if i seem a bit dum but with this car being so old could the eye of the distributor known as the ignition pulse sensor be the same as a crankshaft sensor? Or am i just getting confused? Thanks for the idea about the K line I'll have to read up on it first as ive not heard of it before. Thanks
  2. Hi does anyone know why my vag VS450 can not connect to my 1993 audi coupe, it works for models 1988 onwards but on scanning it fails to connect. I can not figure out why my fuel pump has stopped priming along with no spark from plugs and thought the scanner would help me out. It is a project car ive had it running once it slightly over heated cut out, now cranks fine but thats it any advise welcome as im learning as i go. Thanks