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  1. Magnet, grey squire thanks for your replies and info re my post. Am getting the battery tested this week and if it's any way suspect shall replace it . GS re the dash icons your smack on width set up very weird and thanks.
  2. Many thanks for your reply to be honest after reading your reply I am inclined to replace the battery. Why stick to varta/bosh is there issues with the age type.
  3. Good morning to all members. Just joined the forum having bought my first Audi Q5, I have a couple of questions a out the motor . 1st does the Q5 have the headlight warning/information button on display on the dashboard all my other cars have had the green headlight display showing when headlights are turned on. My car has the auto then sidelights and then dip lights on the switch. Regardless of which position I select there is no green lamp/icon showing, however the blue lamp lights up for main beam or for flash. 2nd the stop start system is very how can I put it at first it worked then only occasionally now it doesn't the dealership I got the motor from says that my battery must be running low and that will cause the fault. Hoping some of you good people can impart some info on this otherwise annoying problem to a decent motor.
  4. Good morning to all members. Quick intro retired enjoying life and getting used to y first Audi.