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Ad-Blue Sensor/pump fault


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Hi all


I am after some advice if that is possible, I have a 2017 TDI Q5 and have just put it into my local Audi dealer because it has an ad-blue fault warning message appear on the dashboard, Audi have just called me to say that it is a sensor fault but because the sensor is integral with the pump and tank the cost to replace is £2400 plus Vat, I find that a huge amount of money considering that the whole Ad-Blue system was added to all VW & Audi Diesel cars because off the emissions scam, I was hoping that because these systems were never originally mean to be on the cars and therefore the whole ad-blue system was an after thought that Audi may cover it with an extended warranty, but they are saying not.


Does any one have any info or advice?



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The sensors are notorious for failing. The adblue systems have been added by most manufacturers now to reduce the nitrates from the exhaust, not necessarily because of the emissions scandal. Adblue systems have been fitted to lorries for at least 10 years or more. 

I'd recommend speaking to an Audi independent specialist to get another quote 

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I have also been stung with the Ad blue pump failure on my 2016 Q5 2.0 tdi , I have also been on the wrong side of a hefty repair bill although mine was only for £2150.  Since this little escapade I have lost all confidence in the marque, and am looking to get rid when a suitable replacement takes my eye.  lovely motor very comfortable and a pleasure to drive, but not what I expect from the Audi brand when the vehicle at the time had only done 31k.

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