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  1. thankyou im not sure if i can remove it from the current steering wheel and need a new audi bit on the front or what, thanks
  2. heyim buying a 56 plate S3 8P (fingers crossed) im looking to change the steering wheel from a round to a flat bottom, most of them dont have the centre bit, do i need anything else (or can i take it from "old one") how easy/hard is it etc? also looking to fit the sat nav stereo again what do i need/easy? thankyou!
  3. background - my battery died basically and had to replace so it reset some of the ECU (i believe) just over a week later my EM light comes on with these 2 error codes - P3137 (IMRC) basic setting not carried out P3139 Intake manifold runner control deviation the light was on and then turned itself off, just worried, could someone please help me with what these mean or what i should do? thanks