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  1. Only had standard replacement bulbs fitted - but have used this site for standard, brighter, bulbs for all my other cars in the past - Hope that helps, M
  2. Hi John, I can only go on my recent experience. On my A7 2012 3.0Tdi booked it in at Audi for a full service and gearbox filter and oil change, as the service booking site at Audi listed it as an item - 225 gbp for the privilege. I got a call from them later to state that an oil and filter change cannot be carried out as its a sealed for life... Thanks M.
  3. Hi Paul, haven't had to use one for a while (luckily) but the thicker the better imho. I stopped using a booster seat in the car about a year ago but got something like the above ages ago when first child was a baby and it lasted till last year - about 14yrs in total. The one I used was a thick rubber and went in several different cars with both leather and cloth seats, and never left a mark. Hope that helps M.
  4. I had these recommended to me - but haven't had to use them yet.. or Audi at Harold Wood would be able to quote for you.
  5. Hi Richard, think you may want to take your dog along for a test drive. I have found the A7s boot (because of the rakish design) can be limited - great for cases and bags but wasn't great for a rabbit hutch and all the paraphernalia that goes with it. We dog sat a largish golden retriever and that ended up having to sit on the back seat. Though I would highly recommend the car for driving, comfort and build! Hope this helps a bit... Thanks Mark
  6. I haven't heard anything bad about Clover and they've been there for years... but have used PMW for about 5 years now.
  7. Hi Andrew, I'm the other side of Essex to you and use an independent in Epping - PMW - I had BMW before and have now used them for my Audi, my wife's Merc and now a couple of family and friends use them. Not sure of anything nearer but Harlow has a lot of independents and could fish for some recommendations that way... Thanks M
  8. Lanky111


    Have one for my and the spare key and they sit in them when in doors - like putting them in a tin. This way the key cannot be cloned from outside the house, as been publicised in the press. Also when I go out the pouch comes to and when leaving the car and locking it put key back in pouch so again no-one can open the car if you are in range (I know the range on the audi wireless is not too far, about 5-6 ft or so, but I am a bit paranoid after loosing cars in the past).
  9. Lanky111


    Hi Steve, I use a faraday pouch to keep the keys in - so they cannot be hacked - as seen in the press. - like - Also had a tracker fitted, had on my old BMW so as soon as I got my Audi the tracker was ordered and fitted, Cheers M
  10. Been posted before, check this website for wheel sizes and offsets -
  11. Or these for Thule - - I use their bars and bike carrier,
  12. Film franchise, from the 2000's,