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  1. The auto-electrician gave it an absolute 100% fault free clean bill of health 🙂. He commented that it was very unusual for that to be the case on a ten year old car ! The local garage man recommends a fuel additive to give the injectors a clean (plus give it some high revs) as the next step. So we'll do that and see what happens now ..............
  2. The battery tested out OK, so it's into the auto electrician's tomorrow.
  3. Thanks Gareth. It doesn't get used every day, but I did think I did enough for charging purposes; however, I'm doing a good 200 mile run this week, so I'll hold off any testing till after that. Ian.
  4. Thanks Steve. It's that many years since I had a battery problem that the thought of it never crossed my mind.🙄 That'll be my first port of call. Cheers, Ian.
  5. I've noticed that slowly, over perhaps six months, the car stakes a little longer to start each time. It's crept up from instant to about two seconds to fire up. Two seconds doesn't sound like a lot but there's something wrong somewhere. When it fires up it then runs 100%. It's only done 35000 miles. Any ideas ?
  6. Interesting. Thanks for that.
  7. Thank you both, I'll see how I get on. Ian.
  8. How does the plate come away from the holder ? It seems secured with little 'lugs' all the way round and I don't want to just yank on it and bugger it up. Cheers Ian.
  9. Thanks for that - I never realised that was the case. You learn something new every day 👍
  10. I had the same issue. I took it into my local garage (who I trust) and they couldn't get to the bottom of it either. So I just ignore it 😮😮 I hope it doesn't come back and bite me in the a**e.
  11. This is a possible entry for this week's dumbest question: But here goes. On my S4 I have 'Imola' 8.5J 18" wheels, shod with 245/40/18 tyres. I'm not keen on the look of those wheels so whilst changing them I quite fancy going to a 19" rim. Normally one would buy a different profile tyre to compensate for the extra inch (probably going to a 35); however I don't want to do that as it hardens up the ride. So the question is are 19" wheels shod with 245/40/19's going to look OK and also fit in the arch OK ? Thanks in advance. Ian.
  12. Are there anymore stickers available ?
  13. Interesting ! I never considered tyres as an issue. It's worth a thought ! Thanks.
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