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  1. Thanks as I am a retired diesel mechanic 🚌 public service vehicles I ain’t going to give up yet I have a brand new 457 glow plug module to fit plus I have a few avenues to investigate will keep updates coming for other members
  2. At the moment I have removed the glow plug module to test voltage supply I have checked the glow plugs resistance for all plugs is 0.1 ohms I have checked continuity of Reed wires to the plugs no breakages resistance is zero this reading is taken from the tip of the supply cables back to the module mounting socket. Should I have the ignition on when I test voltage from battery I believe this voltage goes through the engine management module before it gets to glow plug module ?
  3. Engine turns normal no drop in battery voltage just turns then eventually fires after that car is fine , in the summer the car starts ok so am check supply feed starting with fuses in the boot on top of the battery then investigate forward
  4. If you have a fault code P2015 go to eBay and google P2015 repair bracket it solves the engine light
  5. Don’t get an inlet you can get a bracket to fit the inlet flap the light is on because the throttle arm is travelling to far back also how old is the car
  6. Hello I own an Audi A4 2008 2.0ltr tdi CAGA engine code in winter the car is difficult to start (Summer it’s fine ) I replaced the battery , glow plugs and relay still difficult to start I have yet to test the voltage to the plugs the fuses in the boot above the battery are fine any thoughts would be gratefully acceptable .Derek
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