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  1. My audi a3 8p 2.0tdi quattro just developed a scraping noise from inside the cab but it's like the pedal n throttle aren't in synced. Any ideas ppl PLEASE
  2. I'm trying to find out if I can put an s3 or even the Rs3 front bumper on my 2010 2.0tdi sline quattro 5d. From what I can understand is that because both have quattro the extra width wouldn't be a problem. Can anyone tell me if this is correct
  3. I'm trying to buy parts for my car on the cheap side as the STEALERS charge a fortune, I only want to know if I can put an s3 or even Rs3 front bumper on my 2.0tdi sline quattro. My lights aren't facelift so that's why I'm confused. So trying to get part numbers to make it easier for me to order
  4. Does anybody know if I can put the s3 or even Rs3 front bumper on my car as both have quattro. Only difference is mines a manual. But from what I can see there's no need to change the front wings. Am I correct.?
  5. I'm not bothered if the parts are new or 2nd hand as long as they fit lol.
  6. I'm trying to buy parts to put my car back in working order. I need engine undertray, front bumper lower trim plus any part in between those 2. Front passenger wheel arch cover and the same side foglight grill. I have a 2010 a3 8p 2.0tdi sline quattro 5d. This won't let me upload any pics
  7. Tried audi but they won't give out parts numbers
  8. Well can you tell me who I can speak to about part numbers for my 2010 audi a3 8p 2.0tdi quattro sline.? Just trying to put another audi back on the road
  9. Cheers for the welcome
  10. Just joined but still trying to figure out how to work this as I'm not very good with things like this
  11. Can anyone please tell me what parts number I need to order parts for engine undertray from front wheels to front bumper. It's a 2010 audi a3 8p 2.0tdi sline quattro 5door. Also need a left foglight grill any help would b gr8
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