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  1. Hi, if you have the rubber O ring it should be fitted with thermostat in block first then O ring then thermo housing, inside the thermo housing you should have two plastic prongs, which are normally broke off but if they are not broke put the Oring onto the housing then put thermostat into housing and then turn thermostat 90 degrees so it locks into housingthen into the block job done. Kevin
  2. Hi, I have an A6 C6 2.0ltr TDIe with the CAGB engine, i am wondering if i have a problem or not. Driving the car about or to work the temperature guage goes up to normal(90degrees) if i have the heater on the temperature guage starts dropping off 70 or sometimes down to 50, if driving on an open road speed about 60 -70 mph temp goes up to 90 degrees again and stays there, now, if i open bonnet and touch top hose its cold as is bottom hose, plastic pipe that attaches to top hose and connects to back of engine is coolish, heater hoses get hot,return to header tank is hot so is the bott
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