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  1. Hi Thanks for all your replies and help. I recently put the thermostat in the engine then the oring then the housing and all is fine. There are no more leaks at the housing. I bled the system when id finished and took for a drive but the temperature gauge still drops when the car gets up to speed on the road. My heater is nice and warm when the car is idling and the temp gauge sits at half way but as soon as i start driving and get up to about 40 plus mph the temp gauge drops to the top of the cold the heater gets colder. I know my thermostat works as my bottom hose does get hot when my temp g
  2. Hi Gareth sorry for the late reply. Just been really busy at work and not enough hours in the day. Il have a look on ebay to try and find a temperature gun. It would be a useful tool to have in general. I agree with you about the drive belt. It probably is something that i dont want to leave for too long. I changed the ultinator belt on 176,000 miles which was around 30,000 miles ago so i need to be changing both the drive belt and the ultinator belt asap. Its something i could easily mess up so i might just take it to my local garage who is very good and knows the car fairly well. Its worth
  3. Hi Gareth your advice sounds very good. I will try and do one thing at a time. Its a good idea what you say about removing the belt to make sure that is where the noise is coming from. Ive actually got a temperature gun which i bought to check my temperature incase i got coronavirus symptons so dont know if that would work but i could try it. Like you said previously about the heater. I should put that on hold as it works but just could be hotter. My new plan once i get time will be to put the originsl thermostat back in with a new o ring thats on the correct side and then try the te
  4. Hi Gareth im mistaken sorry the water pump is cambelt driven. Which makes me worry as the guy who replaced the water pump also changed the cambelt at the same time which is fine if he has done it. Just heard hes dodgy off many mechanics. The noise seems to be coming from the drive belt tho. When the drive belts rotating if you look at it carefully it looks a bit wobbly. Im not sure if thats just because the belt needs changing or the pulley is worn. I think il just put the original thermostat back that was in the car as it was functioning fine but just thought it might be worth changing due to
  5. Hi Gareth and thanks for getting back to me again. The water pump is belt driven and im not sure whether there is a noise coming from the water pump as the drive belt is making a noise and is right next to the pump. The car doesnt overheat or leak coolant from the water pump so i know it works to a certain extent. It might actually be ok. With the thermostat i just bought the one that was quickest to get hold of but wasnt sure where i could find a genuine thermostat from. Ive seen some advertised as original quality but dont know if thats
  6. Im also not convinced that the water pump is ok either. I always wonder maybe the pumps not new like ive been told and may be too weak to fully pump coolant around the system and through the heater matrix. So many questions. I wont rest until i fix it. Thanks Ian!
  7. Hi Gareth and thanks for telling me about circoli thermostats. Do you know of any thermostats that you would recommend or where to get one from? Also do you know of any product that would flush the heater matrix better than the forte biodegreaser ive already used? This may sound totally stupid but do you think it would do any damage if i put washing machine cleaner in the cooling system then flushed it out? I was just thinking now when i went for my mot the pulley that my drive belt is attached to makes a kind of a tappety soundi
  8. Hi Gareth and thanks for replying again. I think once ive fixed the leak on the thermostat housing hopefully i can concentrste on getting more heat out of the heater. The Heaters never been great since ive owned the car but was excellent on my old coupe. The thermostat ive just bought for the car and is currently fitted is a circoli and has the part number 209440130. I bought it from euro car parts and was told it is the right one for my registration. It opens at 87 degrees like it should. When i get some time il open the housing up again and take more time to see if the stat has a groove for
  9. Hi Gareth and Thanks for replying again. Ever since ive owned the car the heaters not been great and ive done loads on it recently. Ive totally flushed the whole system with forte biodegreser and replaced all leaking hoses and jubilees. Ive also blown air through the matrix. Radiators fairly new, car has good quality coolant and heater matrix appears clean and doesnt leak coolant into car. What is strange tho is i could drain coolant then refill and bleed system for a good half hour until coolant comes out of the bleeder hose then bleed it again the next day or day after thst and coolant would
  10. Hi thanks for your reply. I tested the thermostat by putting it in a pan of boiling hot water with a cable tie attached and then taking it out and ive had the same results on 3 different thermostats. The opening temperature is 87degrees and they do seem accurate. I could go into more detail and get a temperature probe but i dont think 3 thermostats would be faulty. A friend just told me about an hour ago that the thermostat should go in directly against the engine in the housing then the rubber seal goes over it then the housing cover goes over it. I actually put the seal directly against the
  11. Hi ive got a 1990 Audi coupe 2.3e b3 and recently put a new thermostat in as my temperature gauge wasnt rising above the top of the cold unless the car wasnt moving then the gauge would reach half way as it should. My heater was also luke warm at best as the gauge was low but warmer once the gauge reached half way. My theory was that the thermostat was jammed open stopping the engine to heat up properly as the radiator was constantly cooling the car. I put a new thermostat in and the issue is exactly the same. I tested the old thermostat and it seemed fine. I noticed that coolant was leaking o
  12. Ive found the brochure and the top wheels are the originals. Atleast i know for sure now.Thanks Ian!
  13. Hi thanks for replying. The wheels you have on your v6 seem to be the wheels most people are saying are the originals. Once we get the car through the mot wel start searching. Its sad having to scrap your v6. Il let you know if we need any parts. Thanks Ian!
  14. Hi Gareth thanks for replying. Ye il try and find a brochure. That would be really good to have in general and would be good to compare. Thanks again Ian!
  15. Hi Gareth Thats great Thanks. I have tried phoning the nearest dealer but they never seem to answer. Il try and go in there sometime with the information youve just said. I did manage to get a brand new hose for my idle stabilizer valve from there which was of excellent quality for £24 which was actually cheaper than a not great used one i saw online for £30. Thanks Ian!
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