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  1. If the vanes are a bit sticky the turbo might be over boosting which would use more fuel and would be more noisy especially around the airbox. I used Archoil turbo cleaner in the fuel tank when I serviced it. Another job I found beneficial and low cost was removing the inlet manifold and cleaning the swirl flaps and EGR which tend to clog up. I also fitted a new diaphragm to activate the swirl flaps (which was about £25) while I had it stripped down. My inlet sat at -0.7 degrees after I changed the timing belt and set it to audi spec. The exhaust sat at 0.6l/h and it idled smoothly and ran gre
  2. Thanks Ollie, I found that mine averaged between 40 and 50 mpg depending on how it was driven. The cruise control always seemed to get less mpg and my Allroad does the same. My son has the A4 now and he's only getting 35mpg but he'll be using more of the 170bhp than I did 🤨
  3. Hi Ollie, has your adjustment sorted your power issue. I take it you have no engine management light or fault codes?
  4. Indeed Stevie, first car was a mk1 Escort, then a succession of Minis before mk3, 4 and 5 Cortinas. Glory Days. No ECU but automatic (sometimes) choke 🤨 Still have an airflow meter and vacuum gauges but mainly use them on my bikes, cheers, John
  5. Hi Steve, apologies, I should have just said throttle body. Sounds like you, like me, miss the good old days of points, distributors and topping up the oil in your SU carbs 🙈. I love working on my old Audi 80s and leaving the laptop in the toolbox, kind regards John.
  6. Agreed Stevey, it could be anything but I recently had similar symptoms on my A4 and no EML either. Read codes on Vag Com which showed two intermittent faults, "insufficient flow for regeneration" and "intake valve motor implausible signal" from memory. I took the anti shudder valve off and opened it up, electrical components were full of oil, cleaned it up and refitted it. No more problem. 20 minute job requiring minimal tools or mechanical know how, no cost, although I have now replaced the valve as a worn out seal had obviously caused the issue. Turbo vanes sticking as you say can cause bo
  7. The glow plug light flashes to show that there is currently a fault with your car, not necessarily glow plug related. I agree you should get the fault codes read to give you an idea of what the issue might be. A common issue that causes this is oil getting in to the electrics on the anti shudder valve which can restrict flow through intake and EGR. DPF has it's own light so probably not that. Might be as simple as needing a good fuel cleaner run through the system.
  8. Hi Ollie, I wouldn't worry too much about it. I have a 2008 a4 with the BRD 2.0tdi engine with 230,000miles. It had the injectors replaced by Audi under warranty after they failed and also has had a new tandem pump. I noticed at the last few services that the fuel filter had fuel as you described. The only issues that I had with the car was a bit of a lumpy idle if not fully warmed up with a bit of smoke. This disappeared when it was up to temperature. I have just done a full service on it including belts as Vag Com was showing the inlet cam was 4 degrees advanced. All adjusted correctly now a
  9. Hello, I am new to your Forum (and Forums in general). I own several old but capable Audis. A red 1992 B4 80 Coupe 2.0e, a blue 1994 B4 80 Cabriolet 2.6, a black 2003 C5 A6 Allroad 2.7t and a black 2008 B7 A4 Avant 2.0tdi black edition. All are in regular use with the allroad and the avant both well over 200,000 miles and still going strong. I do all my own maintenance and although the allroad is great winter transport I am currently making it better. It's now wearing Q5 alloys with 235/65/17 Dunlop Winter tyres. I raised it 10mm using Vag Com and fitted 25mm spacers to clear the bigger
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