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  1. Hi Adam Sorry, mine is a Black Edition so it didn't have any chrome trims. But, if you want to replace the badges I got mine from Ebay, all good quality. If you are interested I'll send you the links. The badges are fairly easy to remove, I'll explain if you want. Tony
  2. Hi Adam I took all of the chrome badges off my A6 Avant and replaced them with gloss black ones. Looks stunning. Tony
  3. Hi Steve Nice motor, but yes, it has to sound right. My choice would be contact CKS Performance in Watford. Heard some good reports about them. Tony
  4. Hi Jonathan Welcome. I have the exact same car, I got mine in January and it has been a dream. I changed all the badges to black gloss as I thought a Black Edition should have them. ( Ebay about £30 in total.) It looks absolutely stunning. Tony
  5. Hi Cooling fans still running on. Went back to the garage with the fans running. Another diagnostic check. There are two engine temp sensors. One reading 87 degrees, second one reading 2000 degrees. I think that might be the problem.
  6. Hi Just got back from having the diagnostic check on the car. No fault codes!!! The garage checked every thing, air con, temp sensors, engine temp, nothing. Drove back home perfectly. Garage took their time checking, and did not charge me.
  7. I'll let you know how I get on this morning.
  8. Well, It has never done it before. Somebody did say it could be something to do with the regen of the DPF.
  9. Hi Seem to have developed a cooling fan problem. After a short run with the engine only just starting to warm up, if I stop, switch off the engine, cooling fans still running, leave for 10 minutes, fans still running. Restart engine, immediately stop engine, fans stop! Sounds like some solenoid not doing it's work properly. Having a diagnostic check tomorrow, will keep you informed of patients health. Tony
  10. Hi My stop/start does come on very early sometimes, even before stationary. Very disconcerting as you lose the power steering as well, but when I got used to it doing this a quick blip on the throttle was all that was needed. Tony
  11. Hi I can select the radio data which gives you the title and performer playing on the screen. But I can't save this to come on every time without reselecting it again. Is there a way of doing this? Tony
  12. The thing I am looking forward to is actually going somewhere. Since the delivery of my Audi in January I've been round the block a couple of times, and to hospital for my Covid jab. The car just sits there looking splendid. Tony
  13. Hi Trevor Count me in for this one. Tony
  14. Hi Thomas Thanks for that. A nice beer would be great right now. Tony
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