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  1. You are right Steve. This is why I can't give up my diesel, I need the extra torque to move me and the car.
  2. Has anybody used Audi Retrofit in Iver. Bucks? Thinking about having a rear view camera fitted by them.
  3. As some people know, I deliver and collect new cars. A good few of them now are electric so I have some experience of recharging, mostly on motorways. I must admit things have got better recently. Gridserve is the easiest, they are new, all seem to be operating, just plug in, swipe your credit card, go and have a cup of tea and a piece of cake. Trouble is for a full charge it usually takes 90 minutes. The full charge is usually costing between £9 and £10.
  4. My A6 has MMI display. Did you plumb yours into this?
  5. Hi Glen Welcome. Sounds like you have been busy. Did you fit your RVC yourself? If so was it fairly straight forward, and what cost was involved? Tony
  6. I know I sound like a MG car salesman, I still wouldn't buy one. There are various reasons such as ..... The inferstructure for electric cars is not quite there yet. 1.5 hours charge time. Range anxiety, it's not an Audi, and it's Chinese. Also the worry that I would start ordering fried rice with everything. I will stick with my Audi diesel.
  7. Nope, feels surprisingly solid, no squeaks or rattles. Interior finish is good, and it comes with lots of goodies, as you would expect.
  8. Hi Steve Left at 8.00 train yesterday morning, arrived home at 8.00 yesterday evening. I made it to Watford Gap with 30 miles left in the battery. It took 90 minutes to recharge. The MG drove beautifully. Had it in eco mode but still plenty of grunt. You want to see it in sport mode, frighteningly fast. No gear changes, It certainly rips the front tyres. But I wouldn't do that would I. All said and done it is not a bad car. 7 years warranty, quite roomy, cheap to run.
  9. One of the problems is the time and variable charge price. I have paid £6.13 for 27 minutes charge which gave me 110 miles. I have also been charged £19.20 for 74 minutes for 90 miles. Good old diesel even at £6.00 per gallon I can fill up in 5 minutes with 300-400 miles.
  10. Just for your info, and to show how things change. Lincoln cancelled until next Friday 12th. Now going to Wigan on Monday to bring back a MG ZS EV. Have to do some calculations as to where to recharge. If you stop too early you may have to stop again. It's 255 miles and the battery range is approx 150 depending on temperature. M6 Corley is 111 miles and M1 Watford Gap is 145 miles. It's going to be tight. Wish I was driving my A6 diesel.
  11. Hi I have a part time job of collecting and delivering new cars. I have been doing this for about 8 years. It could be 1 per month or 3 a week. so, I do a lot of road trips each year. Last week for instance I travelled to Aberystwyth by train and returned with a Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid. Waze satnav routed me right down the centre of Wales. The road was great, no traffic, lovely villages, a really good drive. Picked up M4 at Newport then home. (and I get paid). Scotland 8 times last year. Southern Ireland once. It's a great job as long as you like driving. It does have it's down side though. Try taking a Renault Zoe to South Wales, when Membury charge point not operative. Had to get it trailed to next services for a recharge, then only just managed it. Talk about range anxiety. Constantly checking battery range against satnav mileage. Off to Lincoln on Monday. Tony
  12. You will not regret it. Once over the viaduct you can pull off the Autoroute and go to the viewing area where there are toilets ect.
  13. Hi Trevor Didn't realise that you were on two wheels. Tony
  14. Hi Driven down to Spain many times. On and off motorways. If you are thinking of stopping on The Costa Brava Hotel Alga in Callela de Parafugell is OK. It's 3 star trying very hard to be four. Nice gardens 5 minute stroll to the beach. C de P is very chic. Return journey must be made on the Autoroute so that you cross the Millau viaduct. It is a cable stay bridge designed by Norman Foster. The motorway deck is 1000ft high. The view is really rather good. Bon Voyage Tony
  15. Hi Karl When I got my A6 I spent many an hour sitting in the car on the driveway pressing buttons etc. I have a system now for starting from cold. Foot off brake. Press start button (warms up heaters) Put on seat belt. Foot on brake. Press button, engine starts. I have only just managed to download something into the juke box and I have had it nearly a year. Tony
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