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  1. Hi Mo Just scanning through past forum entries, did you get your A6 and is every thing OK? Tony
  2. Much, much better, thanks. Tony
  3. Thanks for the info. Job done, my friends at Kia sorted it. No charge, just a drink for the boys. Tony
  4. Hi Gareth. My part time job is delivering new cars for Kia. So I will run it into them this afternoon to get it done. I just wanted to be sure that they used the correct gas for The Audi and not some mickey mouse stuff from South Korea. Tony
  5. Hi Gregg I think The Tech Pack includes a slightly larger screen, electric seats, etc. If you go into the media system on the screen the jukebox should be there as an option. Tony
  6. Thanks Steve. I found a little sticker under the bonnet with the gas type stamped on it. Tony
  7. Just returned from Eastbourne after driving my A6 with a "warm air" air con system. Possibly needs a regas. Any ideas which gas Audi use? Tony
  8. Hi James My A6 Avant is a Black Edition with a Tech Pack. Kev is right you get a bigger screen and a "Jukebox"! Which you can add to via SD, USB or CD. Tony
  9. Hi Just got the A6 back from Audi South East. Cam belt and water pump changed. Running really sweetly as it should, nice and clean, wallet £915.00 lighter.
  10. Hi Erhan At this late stage you will have to telephone the organiser to get you tickets sent by e-mail. I have mine already, they came yesterday evening. Tony
  11. HI Steve Shame you will miss Bromley. But will think of you sipping cocktails by some exotic beach in The Caribbean, or Scarborough. Tony
  12. Hi Jamie I had mine fitted by Autologics. Really good job, took about 1.5 hours at home. I know mine is an A6 but I think they do all Audi's. Tony
  13. Hi Kia Welcome. You should come to the Bromley Show and display your car on the club stand. The details are on the forum. Tony
  14. Hi David. Welcome If you like taking pictures of all types of cars, you should come to The Bromley Show. Tony
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