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  1. So, I fitted the new glow plug with pressure sensor today. Cleared all the codes and re-adapted the senor and other sensors in the loop. Same issue persists, no power, wont drive above 30mph and kicking out lots of black smoke. Any thoughts? Just to add, VCDS is no longer picking any error codes up 🙈
  2. cheers, I have found a brand new genuine one still sealed etc on ebay for £30, but its part number 059 905 061 H, I think im going to order this one 🙂
  3. Hi Stevey, sorry I've been away hence the late reply. I have just googled the numbers provided and they say its for the Audi A3. I presume these parts are the same across the range of diesels? I will get the part anyway and feedback to you
  4. I hope its not the loom as I dont want to have to go down that avenue. Would you happen to know the part number for the glow plug?
  5. Thanks for the info Stevey, weird thing is vcds still reads it and obtains a pressure reading of 39bar when idling when unplugged the bar reading is -1.000 and does not fluctuate (which is expected). The second picture is the error given if I idle the engine with the bank 3 sensor unplugged, but when the sensor is plugged in it gives the implausible error??? Why is this? And can this sensor also cause the power loss and black smoke?
  6. So, new part came today. Ive fitted and the error persists. But now a new error code has popped up 8809 - cylinder 3 interal preasure sensor P13D6 00 [101]. 😡 Any advice please?
  7. Cheers Stevey, makes perfect sense. And would you agree the sensor stating its -33 degrees is the issue for power loss and black soot? Im assuming its causing the air and fuel mixure to be wrong and the car is trying to increase its temperature to match the other sensors values as they should be the same give or take a few degrees?
  8. ***Edited due to typos and wrong information being showing in original diagram*** Right, sorry for flooding the thread, but I think ive cracked it. I started by disconnecting 1 sensor at a time and reading with vcds to see what error it throws up. Disconnected bank 1 sensor 1, no error shown Disconnect bank 1 sensor 2 - error shown P2031 00 [167]. This helped me determine exactly which sensor was which on the digram. For anyone that needs to know part numbers Bank 1 Sensor 1 part number is - 04L906088DR Bank 1 Sensor 2 part number is - 4G0906088K Theres actually 4 sensors on my car and when watching the values of them all it was clear Sensor 1 was the culprit due to the difference in temperature sensing. It was reading -35 degrees whilst the others were reading 130+. Whilst the issue isnt resloved, I have ordered the part and will update you once fitted.
  9. Just to add, i have taken this sensor off and it was absolutely caked with soot. I have cleaned it with some carb cleaner, cleared the code and cleared the sensors learned values. Drove round the block and no difference made (still no power and lots of black soot out the back), although the code hasnt popped back up. I forgot to mention, if you remember my previous post over a year ago, i had issues where I ended up spending over £2000 to have it repaired and had the dpf removed. Egr and adblu has also been coded out. Im actually thinking this is the wrong sensor as all readups say its either on or pre turbo housing. Problem is I cant even find the turbo and really dont want to start stripping her down
  10. Thanks stevey, am I right thinking this is the G235 sensor?
  11. Perfect steve, thanks. I hope its there too. Theres three together and one before them. Im hoping its the one on its own
  12. Hi fellow audi'ers. Im currently experiencing power loss and alot of black smoke out the back of my audi (when I put my foot down). I have read it with VCDS and the following error is visible: 8187 - Exhaust Gas Temp Bank 1 Sensor 1 (G235) P2080 00 [101] implausible signal. Can anyone explain exactly where this sensor is as ive googled and they all give a location but im unsure where that location is on my car. One thing to note is my car is the 2.0tdi S Line 170 with the stupid CNHA engine. Any pics or advice would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if the pictures aren't clear enough.
  13. Thank you for all your input Steve, it really has made a difference. As for the current gain in bhp, youre right, my car feels alot quicker than it did previously 🤓.
  14. I have also found this with mine. I just ensure I turn off the auto stop feature everytime I drive as I cant stand it. Its borderline dangerous as its always as reaching a junction.
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