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  1. Hi Steve, I went to the garage today and had diagnostic tests ran on the car, but it doesn't bring up a single error???? The car ran fine but sounds deep when you try to rev it. The only way I can explain the sound it when you get a boy racer that drills holes in his airbox or puts a K&N on to make it sound beefy. Any further thoughts?
  2. Sorry for the delay, just to give you an update, my car is still poorly and it is currently with a DPF specialist. They have checked the DPF and it was full of soot and ash. They have also checked the EGR valve which was also full of soot. After sorting these there is still the apparent issue that theres no power and it sounds rough when running. They have performed compression tests on both sides of the manifold, one side seems clear and the other seems blocked. So they believe the manifold is blocked and needs clearing. Now im no expert on this sort of thing, is this actually an issue t
  3. Ive just spoken to a dpf specialist and they have said 26g is the equivalent to 80% blocked. 32.5% is 100% blocked so looks like the bill just got higher as it can't be regenerated at that level. 🙈🙈🙈🙈
  4. Just to give an update, cam belt and water pump changed, car started up, was running for 5 minutes, sounded perfect with no knocking noises from the engine which is a positive..... But then it cut out 😭. They are in the process of stripping it back down to ensure they have done everything correct. I have told them to check the DPF as when I was running the test before it stopped running it was stating there was 30.9g of soot measured. Is 30.9g of soot high? And can this cause the vehicle to stop running?
  5. I know this is an old post but its not as simple as just buying updated maps. You have different versions of the multimedia player (RMC etc) and then they will need to be activated/paired with your car. On some models that have a sim and google etc you can download the updates.
  6. Did you ever figure this out? I am potentially wanting the same done dependent on time and price. I can imagine you will need re-coding with VCDS
  7. Not sure about the airbag but you will have to get your new steering wheel re-coded by VCDS if any buttons are different from the original steering wheel
  8. agreed, I would also have it on a diagnostics machine to see if it picked up a fault beforehand. So many things it could be from turbo veins, to boost pipe, to egr valve (just to name a few). You will end up throwing money down the drain if you just start replacing parts without actually knowing.
  9. That's great news, thank you... So, the garage have sent me a couple videos now and my belt had failed due to the crank seal failing and the belt being covered in oil. I have uploaded two videos to my google drive for you or anyone else to view. Please note these might not play immediately due to still processing. I have also had to cut the videos down to hide my registration and to localise to the immediate issue (as they done a full car inspection via video) Video 1 is when it first arrived at the garage https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uX70gIGqmE8P1npxSmqayAnmLh9zAup
  10. Morning Steve, I have managed to find a video which shows the cam belt change and the sensor location for our model. It looks like on our model the sensor is integrated with one of the tensioners/pullies and as you correctly described it has a wire coming off it too. The only problem for me is the video isn't in English 😆. I have coded the video link, not sure if this is required on this site? I have already spoken to a garage (8am lol) and I'm currently awaiting a call back. I will ask them to take pictures of the belt next to the replacement etc and post the results. https://www
  11. Thank you for this information. Since owning the car for the past 2 years I haven't had the cam belt changed and when I bought it, it was already on 110,000. I have just checked for the service manual and it doesn't seem to be in the pack, maybe I have moved it to another folder or even worst lost it 😞. I will ring Audi in the morning and see if they have the history of the vehicle. In regards to the cambelt cover I think mine is at the front of the engine (Closest to the bonnet) not rear. Looks like I will have to bite the bullet and have it recovered to a local garage. Just to pick
  12. So, after trawling the net I think I have found the sensor I requir (G40) for a cheaper price than Audi quoted, I just need to locate the old one to compare the OEM number and visual elements
  13. I have rang Audi today regarding the sensor and they have stated the G40 sensor brings up 4 different part numbers but he didn't want to give them to me 😣. Cost for a sensor starts at £70.27+vat and takes approx three days to arrive as they don't keep them in stock. Also I would need to remove the old sensor and take it up to them so they can match it 😠😠😠. Believe it or not this was a main dealership and they seemed like they didn't even know what they were talking about. I also asked where the sensors are located and his reply was, he don't know, normally close to the crank casing
  14. I have VCDS if anyone in my area requires the use of it please let me know :-)
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