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  1. Hi fellow audi'ers. Im currently experiencing power loss and alot of black smoke out the back of my audi (when I put my foot down). I have read it with VCDS and the following error is visible: 8187 - Exhaust Gas Temp Bank 1 Sensor 1 (G235) P2080 00 [101] implausible signal. Can anyone explain exactly where this sensor is as ive googled and they all give a location but im unsure where that location is on my car. One thing to note is my car is the 2.0tdi S Line 170 with the stupid CNHA engine. Any pics or advice would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if the pictures aren't clear enough.
  2. Help needed from a new member,does anybody know if the turbo off an 07 2L tdi 140bhp with dpf, will be a straight swap for the turbo on an 05 2L tdi 140bhp without a dpf on….. thanks in advance.
  3. Hi all, Im not sure whether this will get any attention or not but I'm looking for advice on upgrading the look of my interior. I have an A4 S Line B8 2008 model. I've seen some owners have used carbon fibre prints and stuck them onto the already silver trims. I've been looking far and wide for a trim set which includes right-hand drive stickers etc as all I can find on eBay is left-hand drive. Any advice or pictures of your improvements would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!
  4. Hi there, I am currently in the market for an a4 s line 2.0tfsi quattro B7 and was just wondering if anyone knows of any common faults that I should look out for when it comes to viewing the car. Many thanks, James.
  5. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=yFPyAgdveHc. hi guys I’ve just brought a 17 plate Audi A5 3.0tdi 218ps and it’s starting making a weird ticking sound coming from both sides of the engine but more from the drivers side . IMG_3094.MOV Could this be the dreaded chain tensioner failure? If so the car only has 58000 on the clock surely Audi must have to fix this as it’s a fault with the car ??? Or am I being paranoid and it’s just the injectors ? Any advice appreciated thanks !
  6. Hello so I've noticed squiking noise coming from the belts area in my 2008 A3 sportback. When engine heats up it gets better but still stays there. on load it disappears. Any input what could it be?.
  7. Hi guys, I purchased a 1.4 tfsi 2015 A1 a few weeks ago, and on test driving I noticed that after a drive both at idle and when the engine is off, there is a metallic ticking noise. It does stop when I turn the engine off, takes minutes or so. I did ask the dealer to check but they said its fine, and explained it was something to do with combustion or compression or something. It is the same sound you hear when an exhaust is hot, and ticks when It cools down. But it does it even after a Short drive and every single time I drive it. Just wondering if anybody has similar noises or any idea as it does make me a little worried. Thank You.
  8. Hello, been an audi owner for quite a while but looking for some advice, so thought id ask the audi community for help i have a 2012 A4 b8 allroad and have been having som issues with the rear bumper and trying to find or even figure out what the silver guard bit on the bottom of the bumper is call thanks to some thieving git who stole it off of my car last year, is it a diffuser or bumper guard im just not sure. anyway the model i own has the exhaust only on the passenger side and is the b8 definatly not the b9 version any ahlpe would be much appreciated many thanks in advance
  9. Hello, First of all sorry if this is the wrong thread, I’m new here and really need your help. I recently got my hands on a very cheap A5 3.0 Quattro 2007 that has been hit in the front and fitted with an unknown replica bumper. It had no plastic bits plain bumper. As I will proceed to restore this car I’d like to complete the full bumper without the need of buying a new one. After trail and error I found out that the S Line model vents fit the bumper but getting the same model lower defuser I found out that it does not fit. If any of you know which one will fit I’d be very glad. I have a lot of work ahead of this car including fixing the hood, wrapping the roof and replacing a lamp so I’d like to keep the extra costs minimal. Also last question, I’d like to hear your opinions about small parts from AliExpress such as the trunk wing or a bumper defuser. The price compared to EBay is not that much cheaper which leads me to believe these parts could be legit Thanks for your answers in advance!
  10. Hi need some help I need to replace my boost pressure sensor no my 2.7tdi allroad but can not find the location could anyone help me plz
  11. Hello everyone, in desperate help as I cannot find it anywhere, I have an Audi a4 b7 with a k04 hybrid conversion. It's has a decat downpipe system on it and need to find a cat downpipe for emissions but haven't had luck finding a K04 downpipe for my car! I cry for help and I'm grateful if anyone can help me!
  12. Hi all. I’m Tom from the Uk 🙂 so I have a 2007 Q7 and I’ve owned it the past 4 years. It owes me nothing and i love the car. Over the years there’s been little gremlins that I haven’t had time to do anything about and to be honest they’re not show stoppers. But, since were all in lock down due to COVID19, I’ve got some time on my hands and wouldn’t mind doing a little DIY on the old bus, if I can. The beast pulls in every gear, full audi service history up till my ownership, which I now fully service every 6k religiously with OEM parts, except the gearbox. I have a specialist friend for that. 160k on the clock and the girl runs smooth! so, the little gremlins that id like to address are as follows. 1) DAB Signal - it’s really poor! More so when there’s something plugged into the 12v cig lighter slot or if the DVD players in the back are on. Is there anything I can do to improve this? 2) Front display TV reception - again really poor! It used to be fine, perhaps something to do with DAB signal too? 3) side lane assist thingy (tells you not to pull out on the motorway if there’s a car coming) - not working and comes up with when button is pressed. It used to work but stopped some time ago. 4) the rear passenger air suspension - is around 20mm lower when the car is parked 5) can I change the set ride height so that the car sits lower than factory without the use of the VAG software? 6) front heated drivers seat heater - temperamental 7) can I somehow retrofit something to connect my phone (iPhone) to the Bluetooth system to play music through the stereo? 😎 little square buttons on door handles. What are they for? Mine are not working at all 9) boot closing - closed 9/10 but it’s always that 1 time I don’t check; is there adjustment to ensure it closes ever time? 10) front side lights. No LED replacements work in these what so ever. Anyone got any suggestions? 11) how difficult is it to remove swirl flaps? One of my motors has fudged itself. Is there a step by step guide? 12) anyone blanked their EGR before? What’s the best kit and will I need to map it out? I think that is all. Massive appreciation to anyone who can assist 🙂
  13. Hi all, I’m new here and hoping you may be able to help me please. In ‘storm Dennis’ a piece of trim on my 2007 A4 convertible has flown off. It’s the black edging/trim around the upper outside of the windscreen. Does anyone know where I can buy this from please? ive tried searching eBay etc but can only find the whole silver casing. I only need the black piece of trim that slots in from the outside. Is there a separate part number does anyone know? maybe I am using the wrong wording to search? Thanks in advance
  14. HI ALL So I'm back with the same dilemma! I've been looking into getting the race chip module for my Audi 2.7TDI for fuel economy as this car drinks with 2 straws! Its killing me on fuel to the point I want to sell the car!! Is it worth putting in a racechip to help the fuel economy as I dont want to remap the whole car and dont want to sell it either as it's my pride and joy!! But if the car has to go I've got no choice so anyone interested lol! Any help and suggestions will be much appreciated!
  15. I have just put my car into an Audi garage as the gear stick is popping out at 3rd or 4th gear when accelerating, Audi are advising that it could be fly wheel or the clutch causing the problem, they have quoted £414 to investigate and recommend that I should replace both the clutch and fly wheel if this is found to be the fault at a cost of £1600, I just about fell off my seat at this cost as the clutch is not slipping and no effect other than the gear stick popping out, i am looking to seek some advise on the best way forward as this seems extreme the car has been in for 2 days and I really don’t think they have done anything, other than carrying out an inspection on the car and telling me that the were issues with tyres, window wiper and an out of date tyre repair bottle they have done nothing over the last 2 days and then tell me it’s £414 to investigate to see if this is the actual problem the car is Audi A1 2014 44000 on the clock
  16. I have fitted every other wire needed to connect my acntive vibe sub, however I am struggling to find the ground point thats in the rear luggage compartment on my Audi A3 1.9tdi 2006
  17. got ' gearbox malfunction can continue to drive' pop up on my dash, took my car for a diagnostics at audi they couldnt find anything wrong with the car, took it to an independant diagnostics and it came up with 3 codes... sensor for transmission speed 2.... pressure regulator valve clogged/dirty.... clutch activation implausible. spoke to numerous places and they dont seem to know what the problem is. My guess is that theres something wrong on the ECU? if so can i get it repaired or will it be a new ECU? Any help at all please!
  18. Would appreciate some advice from some knowledgable people pls recently purchased a gorgeous mint tt 225 convertible only to receive the log book with 180 stated the car has the following 6 speed box twin pipes and also the 225 turbo intake pipe configuration as I had it replaced ... have I bought a converted lemon ? Assistance much appreciated
  19. Hello, Most of the time all of my parking sensors work, however, I keep getting this issue where my front sensors do not work, and this can last for some days. The most annoying problem though, is that my car alerts me every minute that it isn't working, and the parking sensor button flashes, as well as a horrible high pitched noise. This is both while I am driving and/or still. I would love if someone can help me rectify the issue and all help is appreciated. Best, Elliott
  20. I'm looking to buy my dream car! I have very little knowledge of engines, but really need some advice on what parts are needed for this R8. Is it worth buying if I can get it cheap? Helpful / constructive advice is much appreciated.
  21. Hi I had my 2013 Audi A3 1.6TDI remapped from 105hp to 135hp about 9 months ago, never had any problems been fantastic. But recently when accelerating hard the engine will pretty much go into limp mode and the coil shaped light starts flashing? As soon as I pull over turn the engine on and back off the light goes and the car works perfectly. It has always started first time. When scanning with the Carista OBd scanner 6 Faults detected - I get Heater & Air conditioning - 262914 Central Electronics - 262934, 266756, 267030, 787211, 787465 Could it just be as simple as replacing the glow plugs or would they not affect the car when accelerating? Thanks any advice is useful
  22. So my car has been of the road now for so long! Nearly a year. All because the transfer box has broke (literally got a hole in it, can’t be fixed) now from what I’ve learnt, they don’t make the transfer box anymore (discontinued). Now this is the second time this has happened, and I’m not sure why! So the first time it happened, I got sent a part, by a Audi specific breakers, they confirmed it was the right one... now I’m thinking, maybe it wasn’t!? And I’ve tried and tried to find out the correct part number for the transfer box that should be in my car, but no luck. Does anyone know? It’s a Audi A3 3.2 v6 8p 2004, someone must use be able to help! Thank you
  23. Hi I'm a new member and a owner of a Audi S8 D3. I'm a die hard Audi fan and have been for years or even decades. I needed some advise and thought this would be the ultimate place to share my problems with. Lol🤗 So where do I start. I purchased this car a while ago as a project and have now started to look into it. It's been stood since 2007 and has covered around 5thousand miles. 5k. The previous owner had it parked for 10years as it had an electrical fault and some damage which was caused in 2007. After reading on various websites, Ive concluded the steering column to be faulty as vcds is showing steering lock actuator n360 open circuit fault leading me to believe it needs a column. The car accepts the key but there is no ignition lights on the dash. Hopefully when I've sorted this problem I will have to start it at some point. What would be the best procedure. I have already dismantled the front end hoping to crank it by hand for the first few revolutions what should i do as I don't know the state of the engine. If it's seized etc. I don't want to damage what could potentially be my car i keep for life. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  24. Hi, I need to buy new tyres. My 2017 Audi A6 Allroad Sport 3.0 TDi 272 PS came with Contisport Contact 3 tyres; they've done just (just) 10,000 miles and will need replacing very soon. About half of my driving is winding country lanes at not more than 30mph; the other half is motorway. What tyres do you suggest I buy? I'd prefer an all year rounder and not have to swap winter/summer. Thanks in anticipation for your help. Much appreciated. James
  25. Hello everyone. Never posted on this forum myself but here goes. Was slowly pulling out a side road after a bus flashed me to go and got hit by a moped who narrowly overtook the bus and was blind to me and I was blind to him. Rider hit front right wing and flipped onto bonnet. Luckily damage wasn't too bad(could be worse) and the bumper and front right alloy wheel is fine, but the right wing is quite badly crumpled and there are a few fairly large dents on the bonnet. Moped rider said he will cover his own costs and since the damages were not worth making a claim, I am going to get the repairs done myself. I was wondering what kind of cost it will be to repair the bonnet, and whether it can be repaired easily or has to be completely replaced. I was planning on replacing just the wing for now and sorting out the bonnet later in summer but am not sure if it is better to get it all fixed in one go since paint may need to be blended into the panels(was going to buy wing as pre-painted part and fit it). Also I have some slight laquer peel on my rare bumper so maybe buying an unpainted wing, repairing the bonnet, then getting all 3 parts painted as well as blending into the door maybe a better idea, but have no idea what kind of costs it may come to. From what I know: Wing(unpainted)- £35 Wing(Painted)-£140 I can DIY fit it Bonnet(unpainted)-£110 needs to be painted and fitted professionally Bonnet REPAIR: £????? Sorry if I dragged this out but I'm struggling to make this decision. I appreciate any help! Thank you
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