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  1. Mine did the same. The common item to all bulbs is the earth. I bypassed the plug and soldered direct to the bulb carrier. The other side went the same way within months. Is not a slow or expensive fix.
  2. Many thanks for your honest reply. I've owned it for over 6 yes, use it for trips to Southern Germany in addition to my daily drive. It gets washed weekly (to my neighbours amusement) and polished monthly.
  3. Many thanks. Its only damage is the front bumper. It has unusual features like a solar panel sunroof that runs fans when the car is switched off. (2 localy purchased front bumper didn't fit!) Has had EGR deleted and DPF emptied. Is about 200 bhp.
  4. My blue 07 quattro has had oil change every 6000 miles, but at over 230k on the clock was wondering if this could be the time to sell. My wife tapped a white van at Christmas, Insurance wrote off the car and is now cat S. I have been unable to locate a correct replacement to date and at present has a temp fix. Car has a set of 16" winter steel wheels with Michelin tyres in addition to original 17" Alloys. I'm a retired military engineer. The photo comes via Facebook - I don't have a Facebook account, my previous employment prohibited it. Any ideas?
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