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  1. Bought it as a second project. But have not had the time. Need it off my drive 1995 Audi 80 sport 2.0 litre, 5 speed manual. 119k miles. No MOT, It’s been off road since 2017. Original Audi alloys. Central locking, electric front windows, electric sun-roof. All in good working order. No rust on bodywork. Underneath is dry. No rips or excessive wear on seats, Door cards need tidying up. Brake pedal goes virtually to the floor, needs looking at. New fuel filter fitted, does start sometimes and other times it won’t but something minor I would say. Needed gone asap. £650 Open to offers
  2. Hi Pete, put some photos of the car and bit more details of the car. owners, Any history, what work needs to be on the vehicle.
  3. Yeah seen them. First option is a Audi 80/90 B3
  4. Hi all Anyone selling Audi 80 B3/B4 or 90. Had an Audi 80 sports 25+ years. Looking to restore it.
  5. Any Audi b3 owners looking for some black interior
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