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  1. Thanks everyone for your help and support 👍👍
  2. Part numbers and marking’s identical ! £17 delivered for mount , bearing , bolts and locking nut . Febi Bargain 👍👍
  3. Febi off , Febi on 🤷‍♂️ Either a seating issue or a dodge Febi part . We will never know . Just glad that horrible creak has gone 😊
  4. Update : I went with my gut instinct and replaced the top strut mount . Went with Febi and to be honest it looked identical to the one I replaced it with. All sorted and quiet 👍👍👍 result ! Thanks all PS I couldn’t see anything wrong with bearing . Could have been a seating issue 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  5. Thanks Steve , ill try the ARB first . Can you replace the D bush or is it the bar ? Cheers Andy
  6. Hi Cliff , I have but now I’m wondering if it is a defect part . I don’t know the brand but in hindsight knowing the amount of work involved I wish that I had gone for genuine parts !! 2 hrs of grief to swap 🤣
  7. Cheers Cliff, I fitted the suspension myself and I’m happy it’s seated correctly . I think it may be a defective mount 🙈
  8. Well it had a good soak and still the same . There is a small amount of movement in the anti roll bar bush . Is it a new bar or replacement bushes ? I’m not convinced it’s coming from the ARB though . Still sounds high up like a strut mount ! I’ve replaced both but I’m beginning to wonder if I have a defect part . Any easy way to check the mount ? I know they are a pig to change ! Cheers
  9. I’ll give it a try . Thanks both
  10. Thanks for the reply . It’s back at standard ride height now but could have been damaged by being lowered in the past . I’ll give it a good soak and report back. Cheers
  11. 2012 Audi A3 8P1 front suspension creek . I bought the car around 6 months ago and on the whole very pleased with the car . When I bought the car it had been lowered and I would normally not entertain a car like this but it had been very well looked after and drove superb (2.0 TDI sport). I returned the car to factory spec and replaced the suspension . Front -new shocks , springs , top mounts and bearings , drop links plus rear lower control arm bushings . Rear - shocks , springs and mounts . I’ve checked the front ball joints and tie rod ends and no play in those but every time I go over a speed bump or pull on/off my drive there is a creak from the front drivers side . The only thing I haven’t checked are the front anti roll bar d bushes ??? Anyone else experienced this ? Drives in a straight line and the steering is very responsive . Thanks
  12. Yes ,got the heat shrink . Thanks for your help guys
  13. Got it apart today . Two chafed wires and one broken ! Should be able to solder a new wire in . The joys of it 🤣👍
  14. Hi, wiring loom has broken wires in front drivers side door so fob locking won’t work . Is there a replacement wiring harness or repair kit available? Thank you
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