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  1. Thanks for your prompt reply and i will let you know the outcome, i have spoken to an independent garage and the mechanic has experience of changing struts on other makes of vehicle and asked if the audis need some sort of calibration equipment when you change the audi struts is this something that you are aware of? What type of strut is recommended? do you have more knowledge of changing struts yourself? Kind regards
  2. Hi all, new to the Audi club and starting on a bit of a disappointment bought an a6 c7 allroad and after owning the car since September last year have now got my first major issue, rear drivers side has dropped, trawled the internet to try and diagnose the issue seems to be the strut, i have spoken to a local Audi specialist and they want £90 per hour for three hours just to try and find the leak waste of time and money, can anybody tell me that if they have had the same issue and is there any calibration equipment needed when changing the struts? Peace out
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