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  1. You can do it with ODBEleven. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=801754323980315 Best buy I have made for the car. Diagnosed so much stuff with it.
  2. ThomasG


  3. I've had bearing replaced, but mechanic says he doesn't know if it's fixed. He thinks he heard it again on a test run. I haven't heard it, though granted I've not driven much. So it's a waiting game. A £149 waiting game ! 🙂
  4. Yep. Google stopped supporting third party stuff via google earth.
  5. If I drive for a while - home to Glasgow (100 miles) or two days ago, home to Melrose (35 miles), I notice a humming or low woo sound (sorry no recording), from the passenger wheel area when turning right or driving along a road that goes even slightly right. It stops when I touch the brake pedal. It is definitely something in motion that is making the noise. This time, when I was on a road that was going slightly right, it also came on with a pulsing hum. Any ideas? It's going to the local garage when there is a space - hopefully to go on a lift and get an inspection - bu
  6. I meant Goodyear Eagles. Duh.
  7. Ok, just driven around Scotland from the Borders to John o'Groats, round to Tongue, down to Ullapool, through Glencoe and back through the Trossachs. Sitting on zoom meetings was doing my head in. So I just took off for three days. Some wonderful roads, some not as much. And too many caravans and camper vans. However... I have my MOT in Wednesday and the tyres seem fine, but I am sure they will need changing this side of new year. What recommendations does anyone have? I have Michelin Pilots on at the mo, but thinking of going to the Bridgestone Eagle asymmetric. Just for the t
  8. I shopped about and got a good deal from LV direct.
  9. My insurance is about to come up for renewal. I've had a pretty good deal from Hughes Insurance in NI for the past year - but no doubt, with no claims inthe year, it will go up above rate of inflation, and they won't be able to tell me why... So, I'll shop about. I hate the 'comparison' websites, as it's no better than paid adverts, you never get to see the smaller brokers. Any recommendations? We never know - Hughes may come back with a good one!
  10. All done. Apparently the back plate was sound. Nice clear dash now. I'm meant to be driving to Cumbria, so good test run.
  11. I have got it booked in to have the whole hub and sensor replaced on Monday. Will advise. Audi Allroad, the gift that keeps on taking! 🙂
  12. OK - I am not overly worried as ABS sensors are known to fail on the AllRoad. I am going to get one off eBay, as I did with the leveling sensor. It looks like an easy refit... But, I have also had advice that I should renew the whole bearing too. Thoughts? ps: All the lights on, as per my post from a few months back - abs/air suspension/ACC/start stop/ anti-skid...etc.
  13. Good to know. I just checked my reg too. Nothing there for recalls.
  14. Hello all, Nothing wrong - but I was just chatting to a friend in the local town, and he told me a story about his wife's AllRoad 2012 and the coolant pump. Apparently (according to him) a coolant pump failure is a known problem. It caused her car to totally fail, and Audi to offer a 10k fix. All because the coolant pump failed and the coolant got into everything. Have any of you heard of this fault? If so, should I get the pump checked ? Ta T
  15. Haha, so true. I was quoted £350 for the maps alone. For an SD card and activation. I may, or may not have done it myself...with added MMI update.
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