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  1. This is the noise! I'll get this sorted, the car is driving like a dream at the moment, so I'll get this done...asap
  2. Cheers. I did think it was a belt. I'll get the garage to look at it and let you know.
  3. Sorry...it sounds like it's coming from under the car towards the engine bay.
  4. Ok, this noise is hard to describe, but I'll have a go. Car starts and drives no problem. No issue with gear changing. However, when I stop at a junction, or pull into my drive (I am moving slowly) there's a sort of hollow noise, almost a slapping, but more of a whawhawha noise. If I put the car in neutral or park it stops. Put it back into drive and it's there again. But only after I've been driving. Is it transmission fluid, something loose, a worn belt? Any ideas? I'm going to have to take it in, as I don't want it getting worse. Ta.
  5. Well, Kids are all left home, a Rav4 and a big ol' estate seems a bit much. As much as I love the car, it makes sense for me to downsize as it will be only me in it now (maybe to a lovely old landrover) - but here we go. It's sitting at 104000 miles at the moment. Never missed a service - I have all the stamps upto a year after I bought it when I serviced it myself - full services each time (receipts available) - if you check the MOT you'll see some advisories - these have all been rectified. I am looking for £14000ono. It is well-loaded as you'll see below. I would contemplate a p/x or swap for a county/defender or series landy. All standard kit as per the spec for this, plus all these add-ons: Audi Parking System Advanced with rear reversing camera Adaptive cruise control (ACC) with braking guard, Audi side assist and Audi active lane assist with pre-sense plus Camera and or distance sensor Audi pre sense plus Park assist Audi side and lane assist Adaptive cruise control Sports seats Front sports seats Front centre armrest for driver and front passenger, movable and with adjustable angle Electric 4-way lumbar support <p> <span>Adaptive light and high-beam assist, including bi-Xenon headlights with LED daytime-running lights, LED tail lights and headlight washers</span> </p> Xenon Plus lighting Windscreen wiper interm. Cont Adaptive lights LED rear lights Valcona leather with S6 embossing on the front seats Lighting package Audi Music Interface MMI touch MMI® navigation plus Radio system for MMI plus BOSE® surround sound Mobile telephone preparation – High with Audi connect Colour Driver’s Information System (DIS) Technology package - Advanced <p>Towing equipment</p> <p>Door mirrors – auto-dimming, electrically adjustable, folding and heated</p> Deluxe 4-zone automatic air conditioning 4-spoke leather-trimmed multi-function steering wheel with gear-shift paddles
  6. Have you serviced the car? Oil and filter at least? If so, you go to Workshop in the app, you should be able to reset.
  7. Quick update _ have managed to sort it going straight to yellow lights! However, the C101C800 - Function deactivation active fault is still showing after a scan... Maybe I need to drive it - will do in the morning and see. Then I may sell it if anyone is interested? 🙂
  8. Well, fed up with the constant air-suspension yellow light coming on after 30 miles, and the rest. I decided to replace the level sensor myself. All done, and all good. Had the car in RAISE, so working with one wheel off was ok. All on, and drive off - the car says the height is to high and is adapting... nice. Get back to the drive, and decide to calibrate. I look at history, and the garage has obviously never tried! So !Removed! off already. Then take measurements of each wehell and begin calibration. Funny little code 24 errors, so try a different tack...whilst doing this I foolishly (and I do blame post-COVID fog) pressed clear all adaptations. Now there is no ability to adjust and the yellow lights for everything to do with the adaptive tech are on!! I ended up venting the front air to level the car to 410 all around - but...looking at this online, it may mean a trip to the dealers. BUT - my q is - if you have to renew the 4G0907553F suspension control unit during a job on a car - how do you recode that - or is it precoded? In which case I may just buy one!! HELP though... 😞
  9. If you invest in the OBDEleven you can scan the car for faults yourself. That's how I discovered this was the ABS sensor in my case. In fact it's been amazing at sorting all problems. Your garage may scan for free... The rough engine is another matter though. But a scan will at least point you in the right direction.
  10. I had this. It was the ABS sensor on one wheel.
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