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  1. Yes will be picking up with new registration, made sure of that, I didn’t want it to turn up in early July and sit for 6 - 8 weeks at the dealers, so has turned out quite good timing after all.
  2. Phoned by the dealer today 3/8/21 and was told, your car has left the factory in Germany for the port, so is on its way 😁 will turn up about mid / late August ready for September delivery, he said he looked last week and it was showing November delivery but held off telling me because he thought it might change, well it has good O
  3. Hi all 27/7/21 I received a phone call from the dealer late last week saying, the car will not be delivered in July, so might as well wait until September for the 71 plate, this did not seem like a informed statement more of a guess, I did push for info but he just said he would do his best, so I am still in the dark with regards to delivery.
  4. Hi all update, Phoned dealer today 8/7/21 and was told that our car had not been finished being made as some parts are missing 🤔 ( why would you start a build if you could not finish it due to parts not in stock ? ) what would you do with a part made car on the assembly line ? I was told I may get the car early August, so I said well l will pick it up in September with a 71 plate then if that’s the case he seemed relieved. Not sure I am being given the whole story.
  5. I'm sure they don't want to hold your build date up unnecessarily so it will get built when it gets built I suppose, But it's still very frustrating all you want is your new car and now would be good.
  6. It took about 3-4 weeks before the dealer phoned me with a build week, but I did add a few extras on in the mean time so May have had an adverse effect on the build time, We have in the past just looked at the vehicles in stock and pick one that was best for us, I say us because my wife drives the car 95% of the time, I just clean and refuel it. 🤔
  7. I ordered the same 9th of may and was told end of September delivery, being built ( born ) next week delivery about 3-4 weeks later, but may wait until 1st September for 71 plate.
  8. My expected date given by the dealer was end of September but look to be picking it up maybe mid July would like to track it online but have been told it's unreliable and in any case I can't find the app to track it with, I ordered mine 9th of may, so our timings would be about right. What one Have you ordered ?
  9. I have now been given a build week of 21st June, week 26 and a delivery time of about 3-4 weeks after that so looking good
  10. Thanks you for the info very interesting seems like I have a long wait.
  11. Didn’t know their was a chip shortage, that might explain it, if indeed it is longer than usual
  12. Hi all I’ve just ordered a new A3 edition 1, 1.5 auto, Just wondering if any body has any idea on how long it takes from experience, from order to delivery the dealer said late September, but when I’ve ordered new cars in the past it’s always longer, seems a long time to me, or could it be blamed on COVID ?
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