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  1. I ordered the same 9th of may and was told end of September delivery, being built ( born ) next week delivery about 3-4 weeks later, but may wait until 1st September for 71 plate.
  2. My expected date given by the dealer was end of September but look to be picking it up maybe mid July would like to track it online but have been told it's unreliable and in any case I can't find the app to track it with, I ordered mine 9th of may, so our timings would be about right. What one Have you ordered ?
  3. I have now been given a build week of 21st June, week 26 and a delivery time of about 3-4 weeks after that so looking good
  4. Thanks you for the info very interesting seems like I have a long wait.
  5. Didn’t know their was a chip shortage, that might explain it, if indeed it is longer than usual
  6. Hi all I’ve just ordered a new A3 edition 1, 1.5 auto, Just wondering if any body has any idea on how long it takes from experience, from order to delivery the dealer said late September, but when I’ve ordered new cars in the past it’s always longer, seems a long time to me, or could it be blamed on COVID ?
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