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  1. Got it now, thanks 👍
  2. Can you send a link for the Facebook group, there's a few!
  3. Okay, thanks for the advice
  4. Thanks again. Is my question posted on the forum? Thought other members would have replied.
  5. Thanks Steve. Okay, I'll get it checked. So there's nothing is the menus that need set up? Any other members use their CD and know?
  6. The CD player in my Audi A3 TFSI Sport 2015 is located in the glove box. But I can't get a CD to play. When inserted, nothing happens or shows on the dash screen. And can't find CD settings in the Media menu. Can anyone explain how it operates please?
  7. Okay, I'll get a quote. Thanks for your help and advice 👍 Regards, Richard.
  8. Thanks. Mines a 2015 A3 TFSI Sport. I could try to fit myself but not that confident. I know Halfords fit them, but they only fit bulbs bought from them, and they don't sell the Osram or Phillips! Regards, Richard.
  9. Haha! I believe you Gareth. You got good use of them if they lasted 10 years, the life span is supposed to be 2-3 years I believe. So are they easy to fit? Regards, Richard.
  10. No problem Gareth. Thanks for your opinion, I'll probably buy the Night Breaker Laser. Are they easy to fit, or quite fidly? Regards, Richard.
  11. Yeah, know what you mean Gareth. Must be something to do with sponsoring/advertising. Never heard of Twenty20 brand until I read that test result. I'm tempted to buy the Phillips or Osram now as they're recognised, well know bulb manufacturers. Can you tell me if the H7 bulbs are easy to replace? Regards, Richard.
  12. Hello Gareth, thanks for your reply. So your Night Breakers lasted about 10 years? I thought their lifespan was a lot shorter than standard halogen bulbs because of the power they use. Just found this Auto Express headlight bulb review and the Twenty20 Daylight 150 came top in all tests, so might consider buying those. Night Breaker Laser came 3rd. Regards, Richard.
  13. Looking to replace the Halogen headlight bulbs on my 2015 Audi A3 TFSI Sport. The current (original?) bulbs don't appear that bright on dipped beam. Was considering the Osram Night Breaker bulbs as they get good reviews. Or can anyone recommend better?
  14. Thanks. Was hoping to remove myself and fit the new. Not sure why there's a hole underneath because I can't see a screw. Might have to take it to a garage to remove then.
  15. The ends of the stainless steel exhaust trims on my A3 TFSI Sport 2015 are tarnished so I want to replace them with new ones. But I can't remove them! There is a hole underneath each trim but I can't see if there's a screw to remove. Are the trims held on with screws?
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