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  1. Hello magnet,car will be a daily driver, problem I'm getting is I'm being offered 320 mm disc,the standard one's are 312mm.im looking for decent grooved disc & pads,had suggestions of spec,need to know if the 320mm are a straight swap,will be replacing fluid as well,any info will be appreciated thanks mole b
  2. Hi ,can anyone suggest a brake upgrade on my A4 B6 3.0 quattro 2003, Been looking at 17 z Brembo apparently bolt on upgrade ! Shall I try better grooved disc & pads, finding measurements hard to match up,any help welcomed Mole b
  3. Thanks shytot will check out site you sent,
  4. My A4 sports quattro has front armrest missing, purchased one on e-bay , received a email saying it would fit,got part didn't fit , bracket on armrest didn't fit console, The bracket in car is there just need to know how to identify right armrest for my A4.Any help appreciated.
  5. Thanks for replying Steve ,just navigating site & forum's. Look forward to exchanging post & getting advice.
  6. Hi I'm Mole b just joined
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