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  1. Well I've been doing some digging and diagnosing in my spare time and I've refilled the coolant, now last time I checked it was 3 days before I noticed it was dropping, then I checked the other day and in 3 days it had dropped but I'd only done 186 miles, so theoretically it would drop again if I drove a similar amount of miles (provided it's a consistent leak) but yesterday I filled up the coolant and drove 200+ miles to Herefordshire to visit family and the coolant level hasn't moved, when I took the expansion tank cap off to refill it, it was only hand tight so I assume the guy I bought it off hadn't done the cap up til it "clicks" and the coolant was evaporating over time, and also it couldn't pressurise properly hence the coolant warning. Since topping off the coolant and driving it 200+ miles I've had no warnings or coolant drop so maybe this was the issue all along. Still got the lumpy idling and smoke but I'm sure I read somewhere that the 2.0td had an injector recall in 2012 for overfuelling or dodgy injectors, I had a pile of paperwork and service history with the vehicle but nothing to mention it ever having the recall done.
  2. The car was bought second hand from a private sale not a dealer unfortunately
  3. Any idea how much this would cost to repair? Seeing as I've only owned the car for less than a month and is it a serious issue?
  4. So, upon further inspection it appears my coolant level has now dropped, it was just above maximum and now it has dropped to half way between min and max. I read somewhere that the EGR valve is watercooled and these can leak? I hope that's all it is I don't want to fork out for a headgasket. Also when I cold start my car and leave it sitting when I go to drive it off it's really lumpy and smokes a treat, it's a white smoke and only if I leave the car idling when cold and once upto temp the lumpy idle goes too, I'm guessing it's injector related?
  5. I havent had the time to test it yet as I'm a truck driver by trade but I think I might have a spare 5 mins on sunday to check it
  6. I've only owned my A3 2.0TDI 170bhp for less than a month but the last few times I've cold started it (usually morning of going to work) it flashes up on the screen to check coolant level, but the coolant level is fine. Was wandering if anyone could possibly shine some light? Thinking maybe faulty sensor? it only happens after the car has sat overnight or during the day and It's cold starting...after a while the warning goes off, I do have my own Full version of VCDS as I used to own a Mk1 leon Cupra
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