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  1. The rear bearing cost me £75.00 from Euro car parts hope you get it sorted.
  2. Thanks Oliver, you are spot on, it was a wheel bearing issue, had it diagnosed and new one fitted, horrible loud noise now all sorted, cheers.
  3. Afternoon, I have a humming noise that seems to get louder after about 40 mph, it's consistent and quite loud. Am I right in thinking it could be a wheel bearing? I've checked the wheels for heat with my hand on returning but they all seem a similar temp. Been like this for a week or so. Thanks
  4. Hey, can anyone recommend a black gloss front ring emblem to swap out for the silver original? Bought a couple off ebay but the clips just seem to snap off with any pressure. Think the size is 273×95, not too sure. Cheers
  5. So curiosity got the better of me after finding liquid on the undertrays last night, took it to local garage and apparently its the water pump leaking. To be fair I was going to change the cambelt at 100,000 so it's forced my arm in a way. Not great for my wallet but needs must. Thanks for all the input though, its appreciated.
  6. Hi, I have a 1.6 tdi s-line, im having to top up the coolant every 2-3 weeks, is this normal? There are no signs of liquid on the floor under the engine, so am i right in thinking there is no leak and this is normal? Any help appreciated, thanks.
  7. I think they're stock bulbs, h7 incandescent and ps19w for drl's
  8. Hi, was wondering if anyone could recommend some upgrade bulbs for headlights and led's for drl's? Cheers
  9. Gareth, it was a bit unconventional I agree, just me being impatient I suppose. I'll give the wiper idea a try though. Loving the car, only had it a week, she's definitely a keeper! Cheers
  10. Cheers for all the ideas, gave me alot to think about. I took a slightly different route. I carefully drilled 4 3mm holes around the metal disc, careful not to touch the thread, enough to then crack it off to my surprise! New wiper now on and working, only thing is it seems to travel a bit too far onto the boot when it goes onto passenger side?
  11. Trying to replace rear wiper arm but it seems ceased after taking the nut off, won't budge! Any tips to get it off would be welcome, ta.
  12. Cheers Gareth, the car is local but being sold privately, full service history etc. I'm tyring not to buy on impuse so your advice is very welcome, thanks. Hope to be driving one soon, they look amazing.
  13. Ah, didn't mean to offend, I am aware every car can have problems, it's only what I have read via Internet about them, hence why I am asking. I have never owned a diesel so am a bit cautious.
  14. Engine failures, dpf problems, sprocket on oil pump, heard they were voted the least reliable engine. Really like the the thought of owning one though, would have to be diesel for the mileage.
  15. Looking to buy a 2012 2.0 tdi a3, been reading about alot of problems with these engines, are the stories true?
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