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  1. Awesome. Still love mine MPG though seems to be better all round in Dynamic mode. Efficiency mode was less impressive on a 4 hr drive to London and back! Don’t have advance key myself. But yes the matrix LED’s are very impressive. The car still doesn’t demist very well on cold/damp mornings! And the AC acts odd once switching back to auto almost still blows hard at the front. Awesome drive and handling though!
  2. I did use some Swissvax stuff for wheels many years ago that was very good. I don’t have a torque wrench so not so easy for me to take mine off. Do love those wheels though.
  3. Hi Mark. Yes I did. Will post a thread tomorrow as want to give it a wax coat. Didn’t opt for the dealer care package. So need to get it protected weather permitting. Do love it though, but takes some getting used to that flat bottomed steering wheel. Never had one!
  4. Evening all. New to the forum but not Audis. I’ve purchased a new edition 1 - 1.5 tfsi. Dealer had one delivered last week so I had a look and took it. Happy with spec but is standard edition 1. No extras. Photo not the best as car filthy for some reason. Pick up Thursday once all registered and sorted. Moving from an A4 on my PCP.
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